Shopify & BigCommerce Amazon App updated – Authorize our Developer Account to enable Sync Functions

shopify bigcommerce amazon connection updated

After Amazon changed the Authorization Model for MWS developers authentication, we had to put a temporary halt on the inventories and orders sync functionalities.

There were some development tasks ongoing in order to adopt this change. The authorization of the developer account was also necessary to continue providing product listing, and sync functionalities to ExportFeed users.

As per Amazon’s direction, “asking for developer access credentials to customers to gain access to seller accounts through the MWS API”, so, we have authorized our developer account and implemented it in our cloud service.

Now, we are completely compatible with the new Authorization model of Amazon marketplace. When using our Shopify or BigCommerce apps, you can list your products to Amazon in two methods:

    1. Create product feed for Amazon (sync functionalities disabled)
    2. Authorize our developer account and use direct upload (sync functionalities enabled)

As we have authorized our Amazon developer account for the North American Amazon marketplaces, you can authorize the developer account to list your products on

How to authorize the developer account of ExportFeed to access your MWS?

      • When you log in to your Amazon Seller central, click on the gear icon at the top right.
      • Click on the User Permissions on the dropdown of that gear icon
      • On the next page Scroll down and click  on Authorize Developer button
      • Provide this information
          • Developer Name: ExportFeed (Not Mandatory)
        • Developer Id: 3495-4337-7271 (For North American Marketplaces)
        • Developer Id: 572161777442 (For European Marketplaces)
      • Now you’ll be able to find your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token for authorized developer
      • Copy that information and paste it in the ExportFeed cloud Amazon Connection part. Check Documentation

After completing this process, you will be able to create your product listings on Amazon USA, CA and MX by creating a product list and directly uploading your products to Amazon.

If you have any difficulty in setting up your Amazon connection with ExportFeed cloud, please feel free to send a message to our support team via live chat or support tickets.

However, if you haven’t used ExportFeed yet or it has been a long time, please feel free to try our apps.

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