3 Important Reasons to Send Data Feeds to Google Merchant

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When you make money by selling products through your e-commerce site, you are selling through one shop. But in the selling channel, there is a producer, wholesaler and the retailer. Have you ever thought about working as the wholesaler – getting to sell your product from other different sites? You can even sell on google seller. Simply use ExportFeed to Send Data Feeds to Google Merchant!

Today’s internet marketing offers the benefit of distributing products in other merchant sites as well. Those sites are well known among the customers and they also have higher number of visitors. Isn’t getting your products to those mass visitors something you would want to do?

LeGuide.com Merchant’s Feed Requirement Integrated in ExportFeed!

We are happy to announce that we have integrated the feed requirements of Ciao! part of the LeGuide Group – one of Europe’s largest networks of online shopping price comparison and reviews sites with around 13M unique visitors monthly.

By listing on their portfolio of sites you will put your products in front of a large audience of online shoppers ready to buy as well as increase your brand visibility. In addition to that, the LeGuide group offers a great price monitoring tool which will help you gain valuable competitive intelligence.

Promote your Product in Online Market – A few tips!

promote products online

Sales relates to income, right? But there are other costs as well which will be incurred. The marketing expenses add up in your cost list, the production costs add up other costs also reduce your revenue if you are not in online business. And even if you are in online business, when you are in online business if you don’t know how to play with the product feeds, your promotion costs may pile up. The more you promote products online, the higher your revenue and popularity with get..

So how do you promote product in online market to get the expected returns?

An update…

It’s been busy and we’re getting lots of visitors at our site and in Live Chat. We had a client visit us last night because his product feed was freezing. We got him to update to the latest version and voila!…He thanked us with this

Client 02:22:43 am

Love it when this happens!