WooCommerce Shopping Cart Product Feed is updated to version


We are pleased to announce that Shopping Cart Product Feed is updated to version for WooCommerce. This new update is the result of our continuous efforts to offer you better listing of your products to the merchant market effectively.

The updated version has five more merchants to give you more choices at your convenience. This version is also focused on helping you to better define your products by updating the product attributes and category list. We have increased the level of the support that we have been providing. We are in the process of updating this version in Shopping Cart Product Feed’s other platforms as well.

New merchants

We have added the new merchants in this version. Prior to this addition, we conducted the research for what kind of merchants will be beneficial for our valued customers. We have included the range of merchants from electronic accessories to your basic products.

The newly added merchants are

  • Become UK  – http://www.become.co.uk/
  • Affiliate Window comparing site- http://www.affiliatewindow.com/uk/
  • Pronto – pronto.com
  • Rakuten UK – http://www.rakuten.co.uk/
  • Hardware.info – http://uk.hardware.info/You can get the insights of all our new merchants by visiting their website.

Updated product attributes

This updated version has added the product attributes like shipping dimensions, sales date, and size in various Feeds. It helps your customers to specifically find your products and it avoids any kind of confusion. Therefore, it is helpful to make the services better from your side.

The following are the details of the added product attributes

  • added shipping dimensions and sales dates to Google feeds
  • added more attributes like size, shipping to Facebook
  • allowed for multiple eBay images in the feed to eBay seller

Updated the category list

A major update in this version matches Google’s recently announced update. You can find this information here: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6231410?hl=en

Following are the details of the updated categories

  • Updated Google Category list and added shipping dimensions and sales dates to Google feeds
  • Updated category list and added more attributes like size, shipping to Facebook
  • Updated categories list; allow for multiple eBay images in the feed to eBay seller Support


This version provides you with the facility of support, in order to help you during your trial period to installation and we follow up to you for the updates.

The plugin now has support for:

-Piped values in Custom Product Attributes

Custom Product Attributes are used in Woo Commerce to create attribute (one of many ways). Before the update, we did not support ‘piped values’ in Custom Product Attributes. Piped values are used to create product variations. Basically, it means we now support customers who have set up their attributes in this matter.

– eBay Seller business policy fields

If you use eBay business policies for shipping, payment and return methods, the plugin now allows you to enter the policy Profile Names into the File Exchange data feed.

– “Additional Product Fields” add-on.

Missing from Woo Commerce are fields for important attributes like Brand, UPC and MPN (manufacturer product number). Our “Additional Product Fields” add-on creates these fields, allowing values to be entered; these fields are automatically mapped into the feed.

You can also use the drop down from the Cart Product Feed plugin to map these attributes.

The plugin can be installed & downloaded here: http://www.shoppingcartproductfeed.com/documentation/cartproductfeed-modules/additional-product-fields/

WP-ecommerce overhaul and support for tags

We updated the WP-eCommerce portion of the plugin so feeds generate much faster. As well we added support for product tags. So users can now map from this field.

Bugs fixed

We have fixed the minor bugs of previous version to better your experience with our product.

  • $hide_out_of_stock advanced command now properly removes out of stock products from the data feed.
  • ShopZilla is now in the proper txt format
  • Added some error notifications when some required attribute are not configure.

The Shopping Cart Product Feed team hopes your business will benefit from this update and we are looking forward to receive your feedback.