Must Know Info about GTIN – UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN for Amazon Product Listings

upc ean gtin asin isbn for amazon listing
    • Unable to list products on Amazon, eBay & other marketplaces?
    • Wrong products delivered to the customers?
    • Problem tracking product sales through POS?

One solution to these – Universal Product Codes (UPC) or GTIN for your products!

UPC or GTIN code helps to exactly identify the product and specification so it solves a lot of problems when dealing with bulk products. But not just that, they are also used by marketplaces like Amazon to improve the product search results.

There’s more to the GTIN than just this…


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GTIN or the Global Trade Item Number is basically the unique product identifier number. These help in pinpointing the product without having to go through all the product specifications.

Amazon and other major merchants use this GTIN to make the product identification easy. Even most of the storage and shipping firms use the barcode scanner to make sure that their product processing and delivery operations are effective.

The function of GTIN is critical so there are many businesses dealing with the GTIN numbers. These are often re-sold for cheaper rates if the product manufacturers have stopped production or for other reasons. However, buying and using the previously used GTIN may not be a good option when you are uploading your products to online marketplaces as they may cause product identification confusion and other issues.

There are different types of GTIN numbers available like UPC with 12 numbers, EAN with 8 numbers, EAN with 13 numbers and EAN with 14 numbers. But the most commonly used is UPC – 12

What is UPC?

UPC or the Universal Product Code is a 12-digit barcode used for retail packaging in the United States for the purpose of product identification. This is the safer way to identify your products uniquely, as even most of the older barcode readers are also able to read the 12 digit identification codes.

What is EAN?

European Article Number or the EAN is a barcode with a 12-digit or 13-digit product identification code. EAN comprises of the manufacturer and the attributes. Amazon also uses this value in processing the product search requests. The 13-digit product identification code is mostly the 12-digit EAN value and the country code.

Other common product identification codes you’ll come across while listing products on Amazon.

What is ISBN?

International Standard Book Number or the ISBN is the standard barcoding standard for published books. The standard way for the book publisher to print ISBN is on the bottom right of the book. So if you are listing your books on Amazon, you know where to find the ISBN number.

What is ASIN?

Amazon Standard Identification Number or the ASIN is the standard that your products are identified on the Amazon marketplaces. These ASINs are unique for each product but on different Amazon marketplaces, these could represent different products. If you are using ASIN value, check for the same product in the marketplace that you are selling and you can use that value.

What to do when I don’t have GTIN to list products on Amazon?

This is the case that most retailers face while starting to sell on Amazon. The first place that you should try it is with the manufacturer of the product. If the product manufacturer cannot provide you with the GTIN codes for the product you can go ahead and register the UPC codes for yourself.

Please note that you will need different UPC codes for every variant of the product so it is better that you don’t just purchase one code but please buy the codes strategically. Here’s a link that you’ll find useful to buy the UPC codes.

Most of our clients are also willing to go through the lengthy process of GTIN exemption while listing their products on Amazon. However, the GTIN exemption cases are mostly time and effort consuming, and even when one goes through the process, it takes time and you cannot be sure whether you’ll be awarded the exemption.

Can Amazon Brand Registry program help?

Next way that you would create a workaround for your GTIN is the Brand registry with Amazon. However, you’ll need a registered trademark for your brand. And, the products should be packaged with the branding of your registered brand. Then you can apply to register your brand on Amazon. This is by far the easy way but it can also work for GTIN exemption.

Now looking at the options,

  • Buying the UPC codes is the easiest way and it becomes cost-effective also if you buy the UPC in bulk and it guarantees certainty for product listing.
  • Applying for GTIN exemption will be cost-less but it is time-consuming. You may or may not be able to get the exemption.
  • Amazon brand registry is a beneficial program if you are only planning to sell on Amazon, but still, it is also time and effort consuming process.



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