ExportFeed’s Shopify Etsy Integration App with Improved Features – Released

shopify-etsy-integration updated

We are pleased to announce the improvements that we’ve made in our Shopify to Etsy product listing app. This update allows you to increase the frequency, speed, and quality of your product listing. You can also experience the increase in chances of selling your products through Etsy marketplace.

But, before talking about the improvement, here are some of the notable features that we have already offered to our users for Shopify to Etsy Integration.

API Connection with Etsy

With this feature, you could provide your Etsy connection details and connect ExportFeed Cloud service with the Etsy marketplace. This helps you to upload your products directly to your Etsy store. The other way round would be to create a product feed and get the link or download the feed file and upload to Etsy. The latter process wouldn’t be effective for high performing marketplace like Etsy.

Additional Shipping template

ExportFeed Cloud already has the functionality to import the settings of your Etsy shop and this also is the part we have improved now. You can create your new Etsy Shipping Settings on the ExportFeed cloud and use that as default shipping settings when you submit your products for listing on Etsy. If you already set up the shipping settings on Etsy shop, ExportFeed will fetch and use those shipping settings.

Error reporting and resolution

When you connect Shopify with ExportFeed cloud and create product feeds for Etsy, you can find your products under three tabs – All products, Validated products, and Error products. Under, All Products are the products that you have selected to list on Etsy, under Validated Products are those that are good to upload for Etsy listing and under Error products, you will find those which will give errors.

ExportFeed pre-informs you about the error types and their resolution under the Error Products section. To have a successful listing of all the products that you selected, make sure that your Etsy details page do not have any products under the Error Products tab. In case, you are struggling to resolve the product issues, you can contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help you out.   

Improvements in this version

There is a continuous development process for the improvement in features and usability of our plugins and apps. Here are some of the works that we’ve released. If you have some features that would be helpful for Shopify sellers selling products on Etsy, we would be glad to implement them in the upcoming updates. And if you haven’t checked our Shopify Etsy Integration app, please make the best use of our free trial.

Default Shipping Setting

In the previous version of the ExportFeed cloud, there was a chance that you could have missed defining the default setting which would cause feed error. But now, we have set a system to alert you if you are sending your products to Etsy without a default shipping setting.

What makes it easy for you is that you can upload your products to Etsy with one default settings. If you need to upload another feed with a different shipping setting, you can change the default setting and list products on Etsy with two different shipping settings.

Issues on the title of your products

Product title gets the first look from every visitor. If your product title contained extra spaces, these would negatively impact your shop’s image in the marketplace. This is well thought about from the part of Etsy administrators and the Etsy’s product listing API gives an error rather than listing these products.

With ExportFeed, you can now create your product feed without having to worry about these feed errors. We have taken care of these issues in this version.

Please make sure that the title of your products is below 140 characters including spaces and special characters. This is a standard set by Etsy. We have updated Shopify Etsy integration app to remove all texts after 140 characters.

Issues on the description of your products 

The next attraction for your potential customers on your Etsy listing get the image. ExportFeed already allows you to include multiple image links to your Etsy product feed. But, the description part provides important information about your products. If you haven’t added the description to your Shopify products yet you want to list your products on Etsy, it will not give errors like it used to.

Your Shopify products without description will be listed on Etsy if you send them through ExportFeed. The product title will be used as the product description so your products will be listed on Etsy without any errors.

Products’ stock quantity issue

The stock on your Shopify shop may have just ended when you create your product feed. And in most of the cases, you do not set a quantity value for the parent product rather you set them for the variations. For these, the product’s stock quantity in your feed will show up as 0. Etsy marketplace doesn’t allow you to list your products with 0 stock quantity value. And you get the product error message.

With this version of ExportFeed, instead of getting an error message, your parent products, and products with stock quantity 0, they will be added as products with stock quantity 1.

Also, as Etsy doesn’t allow you to list products with stock quantity more than 999. So if your product stocks are over that on Shopify, while listing them on Etsy through ExportFeed, the product quantity will become 999.  

If you haven’t yet started to sell your products and wondering on this: “Whether to sell on Etsy or start an eCommerce using Shopify?”, you can check the information to help you make the decision here. 

In case, you haven’t started using ExportFeed yet and wondering what you just read, you can install ExportFeed from here and start with a 7 Days FREE TRIAL. We can provide you a personalized demo if you wish and, along with that, we can also provide you with one-time FREE feed setup.

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