8 eCommerce Promotion Ideas That You Can’t Skip


Regardless of which platform you are using to power your eCommerce site, these actionable tips for promotion still applies. Mostly, it depends on how actively you are managing these activities for the complete or partial success of your eCommerce site. So without a delay, we will jump into these eCommerce promotional ideas that you can’t miss to implement.

1. Onpage SEO Implementation for eCommerce


Search Engines are the easy source for your potential customers to find what they are looking for. When you create your products, you need to take care of the meta fields which will be displayed on the search engine result pages. But apart from that, you should also take care of the site speed. The content that you place on your site will also have important role to play. Don’t use duplicate content for your product descriptions as well. Using Google or Bing Webmasters tools and keyword tools along with Moz and SEMrush will help you to strengthen your SEO.

2. Strategize Your Social Media Promotion Idea


With the organic SEO, you are targeting your specific customers without actually knowing who they are but Social Media Marketing provides you a good knowledge about your potential customers. You can actually pinpoint their pain points and offer your products. Keep note that the voice and tone that you use to promote your eCommerce site on different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. differs but that should not mean that your social media message should differ. To make your social media campaigns effective, you can use different social media management tools like buffer, tweetdeck and such.

3. Focus on User Experience – It’s The Best Promotional Tool

user experience

When you start spreading your messages and start implementing content marketing strategy, identifying the audience and acquisition pattern is important. You need to find the details about how many visitors are coming to your site from hand held devices, how many visitors are using different browsers and such details. It is really important that you test your site experience on those devices and fix errors and optimize your site for those devices. Furthermore, you need to help your customers to find the information they seek easily and you need to improve user experience on your site to sell your products more and fast.

4. Posting Product Reviews for New & Old eCommerce Products



When you are selling products on your site, it is a good content strategy that you post reviews about those products on your site as well as make the use of guest posts if you can. How does this help? Firstly, the visitors who view reviews are among those who have the intention to purchase those products. And second, it gives you a good opportunity to rank for the specific keywords. Next point to consider for reviews is that you can create text reviews, video reviews or even podcast about these. Now when will you start your review marketing campaign?

5. Multichannel Promotion for Visitors & Conversion Of eCommerce Store


What is multichannel promotion? If you are seeking more information about this topic, you can follow our previous post here. Now starting on your multichannel promotion, you will need to identify where your potential visitors look out for your products. It could be Google Merchant, Amazon, eBay or other merchant sites. Sending your product feeds to list them in these sites will not just improve your site’s visibility but it will help you boost your ROI. To list your product feeds on merchant sites and comparison sites, you can use feed management solution like ExportFeed.

6. Optimize the Buyer Journey with Genuinity


This is one crucial point that you need to give special attention to. Have you provided clear title to your products mentioning the details? Are the descriptions clear enough? What records do you find on your site search? Where are your visitors redirected to when they click on the product image? How long is your sales funnel, and is there any confusion? Have your provided multiple payment gateway? Is your shipping information correct? The answer to these and such questions will help you create a good buyer journey when they land on your site.

7. Use Offers & Discounts for Both Old & New Customers

offers-and-discountsWhile taking care of the buyer’s journey in your site, if you provide them offers such as discounts or customized help documents, you can gain their trust. This way you can gain the loyalty of your customers. But a motive of your eCommerce promotion plan is to gain new customers as well. Serving your existing customers in a right way will help you get referrals too. Don’t miss out on this. Make sure to celebrate the opening date of your business. This way, you can send offers as a part of your branding plan as well.

8. Reduce Abandoned Carts & Work to Retain Customers

abandoned-cartAt times your visitors will be confused due to multiple product choices in your site or in the open market. They may complete all the steps in your sales funnel but abandon the shopping cart. Now that’s a pity. To reduce the lost sales, you can use remarketing campaigns provided by Google Adwords or you can use the other specific tools provided by cart abandonment recovery solution such as Keptify.com.

Now, as mentioned earlier, your success level depends upon the execution of these ideas. If you want to manage other aspects of your promotion, you could use apps like this too. And, if you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment or get in touch with us.

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