What Type of Amazon Seller Do You Want to Be?

amazon seller

If you just thought about selling on Amazon, the first piece of information you’ll need is, whether to choose the professional seller account or the individual seller account. Let’s take a look into which Amazon seller account serves your purpose.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Amazon Seller Accounts first

Amazon’s Charges

An individual seller pays 15% sales commission for every item sold and there is an extra 99cent. The professional seller also pays 15% sales commission but the 99 cent is not necessary.

Being the first seller

On the professional seller account, you will be able to create and sell products which are currently not listed on Amazon. This benefits you as being the sole supplier for of the product through Amazon.

Type of Seller

If you are planning to sell clothing, jewelry or shoes and other such categories, professional seller account is not even an option. You must have the professional seller account for such categories and there are lists of such categories.

Bulk inventory management

Selling limited products is ok, but if you are planning to sell bulk products, inventory management will be the next tough step for your individual seller account. Whereas, for the people with the professional seller accounts, they can enjoy inventory management through product feeds, spreadsheets and others.

Marketing your Products within Amazon

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is optimized to increase selling. But this is not enough. The simple marketing tricks like promotion offers, gift services, or other services that help product listing for better conversion are available only through professional seller plan.

The Buzzword – Buy Box

The buzzword among Amazon sellers – “Buy Box”, it is also available only to the professional seller account. And, the word going around is that around 80% of sales of Amazon happens through the buy box.

Fulfillment by Yourself or Fulfilled by Amazon?

If you have just thought about setting up your Amazon seller business lately, you will come across the details about Amazon FBA program during your research. This seems a really lucrative concept for all Amazon sellers.

The charges for FBA program will be a bit high as Amazon will work on the fulfillment, customer support, and even returns and refunds.  If you are fulfilling the orders yourself, you will have to perform these sales processes yourself.

One interesting fact about FBA is that you don’t only need to fulfill Amazon based orders through this program. You can also fulfill the sales orders made on your other channels like eCommerce site through FBA.

You can research the FBA pricing and other details from here: https://services.amazon.com/fulfillment-by-amazon/pricing.htm/

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