Send Product Feeds to Google Merchant – Secure your Rightful Ad Display Position


The giant of online world decides to go in favor of product ads. This presents a huge opportunity for ecommerce site owners to promote their products effectively as the text ads will now be discontinued on the right side of the search engine result pages. This place will be effectively used to display the Product Ads in Google search result pages.

But how can ecommerce site owners list their products in Google Merchants – the answer is simple. It is all about exporting your product feeds to the Google Merchant. Sending those data feeds may be slow if manual but thanks to the development team of ExportFeed we already know how to sync product feeds to merchants easily and effectively. And the best part – you know where they will be listed & we have limited time offer too.

This approach and decision of Google does not just reduce the competition between text ads and product ads but it provides immense benefits to the advertisers. Displaying products in the right side of SERP will be able to gain more attention of viewers making the product promotion effective. This in turn will prove to provide better opportunity for increased revenue generation.
Now the question, as it may arise, “Is this a test phase or specific to certain location?” This change is intact and has impact globally and for ads in all languages.

The best part is that if you have exported your data feeds with keywords “cheap handbags” to Google Merchant, ads with the same keyword but with lengthy content without products will not be displayed in the right sidebar, rather product ads that you have submitted will be displayed.
This is great news and we extend many thanks to Google on behalf of ecommerce site owners all around the world.

Also, if you are a client of ExportFeed, we recommend you to create the data feed for Google Merchant and send it as soon as applicable.

We also offer to create one free feed setup for your Google Merchant for three more days if you are starting to use ExportFeed for the first time.

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