An Introduction To AvantLink


It’s a general concern among those who run an e-commerce business about the merchant they should choose to list their product. You will also find several merchants where you can list your product easily. But you might not always find a proper one!

This simply means that some merchants are way better than others. If you want to think of one merchant that you can choose without much consideration, it would definitely be AvantLink. This merchant has thousands of affiliates and is one of the leading affiliate marketing site. It’s definitely a very professional one too.

Services you can get

Referral tracking and multi-channel analytics system

Besides the proper listing of your products, this merchant provides you with a full multi-channel analytics system. This makes it very much easier for you to track your records and is vital to run a successful business.They also provide you with a referral tracking mechanism. This multiplies the benefit you can grab.

Other features

An addition to this is this merchant provides a technology platform for quality web retailers and savvy publishers. This can also become very much valuable for you if you want to run a successful business. Please have a visit:

A helpful friend;

A helpful friend for you in this case is ExportFeed because it enables you to send your product feeds to AvantLink easily and efficiently. This can be properly done in the format defined by the merchant. So there is literally no chance that your feeds won’t be accepted.

Besides this, you can add multiple product variations on the feeds you send. This allows you to list a wide range of products that you desire to record and display in the merchant site. New feeds can be automatically updated later on if you want to do so. This saves you with a plenty of time for other activities.

A good news is that the service is not limited only to AvantLink. You can export your feeds to 40+ merchants like AvantLink. A single product ExportFeed has the capacity to serve your desire to export your data feeds to all these merchants. This will be very much useful because it optimizes your sales and profitability. So what are you waiting for?

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