How to ensure a high-quality listing of Shopify products on Etsy?

high quality listing of shopify products on etsy

When you are already selling through a Shopify store and you want to expand your market – Etsy offers you with a great opportunity. Moreover, missing to list your products on this marketplace will only make you weaker than your competitors in the business world.

However, just listing your products on Etsy isn’t enough! If your competitors don’t know this, you will have an advantage over them after you reach till the end of this post.

Here, we’ll provide you the ideas of creating a high-quality listing of Shopify products on Etsy marketplace.

But, before anything, if you are already listing products on Etsy, take a quick look at them and try to find the weak points in them – like the title attribute of your products or the dull images and so on.

While listing your products, if you listed them manually, there’s a high possibility that you made some errors or you listed just a few products of your Shopify store to Etsy. This is a blunder.

Product listing errors while manual listing means that you have not correctly represented your products which will cost you your seller’s goodwill. And, if you only listed a few products, you’re missing out on the opportunity to be found more times while your potential customers search for your products. So, aim to list as many products as you can.

Now, about managing your Shopify Store to ensure a high-quality listing on Etsy:

  1. Focus on the rules – Your product titles can only contain up to 140 and you can’t use ^ or $ or ` in your title. So, it will be a good practice to follow those on your Shopify store also.
  2. Make the best use of images: You are allowed to submit up to 10 images including the featured image so make sure to upload the images that best represent your products.
  3. Include all important words in tags: In Etsy, a single tag can contain up to 20 characters. Etsy allows you to use up to 13 tags per products so keep thoughts about this fact when your listing or editing products on Shopify.
  4. Upload your product variations: Listing your products with all the variations that you offer on Etsy marketplace is also a great way to get more customers from Etsy.
  5. Size Guide: If your product varies upon size, it is a good idea to include your size guide on the description. Also, if you have an empty slot on your images, you can add the style guide as an image.
  6. Optimize Products on Etsy: ExportFeed now supports syncing individual product attributes like Title, Description, Tags, and Images in order to help you determine the best-selling version of your product data.

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  • Product variation support in feeds as allowed by Etsy.
  • Even enjoy the other benefits of product feed customizations.
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