Boost Business through Comparison Shopping & Affiliate Platforms

comparision shopping engines

How to sell more? How to increase profits? How to get the highest rate of return on investment from your online business? These are the questions that reside in the back of every online store owner’s mind. Your marketing activities are mostly the answers of these questions. But what if you have missed a part that is more effective and can help you yield better revenue?

Even if you are supplying a product that no one else does, you cannot stay away from competition for long. And when there is competition, you cannot just wait on them. You need to act fast and act smart. Create and implement a plan that you know is effective or at least effective enough.

Basically, you need to focus on the visibility of your products – meaning that you potential customers will find your products when they search for it. And you need to focus on the availability of your products – meaning that your products should be available to your customers when and where they need it.

Yes, it about increasing your market shares. So how do you increase your market reach, it may even take years, right? Well, let’s first look into the effective marketing techniques – Yes, about displaying and selling through other popular sites! Like if you are selling home improvement products, sending your feeds in sites like will produce significant results.

Displaying products in Merchant Sites

Merchant sites are the sites that display products and allow you to sell your products through them. They promote their sites on a regular basis and when you display your products on those sites, they charge you a certain amount. Some of the merchant sites may sell your products for you and some of them may display your products and redirect the visitors to your site when they click on your ads.

Listing Products in Comparison Shopping Channels

Comparison shopping channels are the shopping sites that offer shoppers to compare the products mostly on the price and even other product attributes. Google Shopping, Bing Merchant, Nextag, Pricegrabber and a lot of such merchants offer product comparison.  A tip: If you are submitting your product feeds to these comparisons shopping, it’s better to offer discounts in the feeds you send.

Making Products Available in Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate Marketing is a popular and effective marketing mechanism that is popular in order to promote products. Affiliate system includes publishers and merchants and an affiliate platform like ShareASale or AvantLink and such Merchants sites are those who get the value of products and publishers are those who take the affiliate commission and display the product ads on their site to promote the sales.

Now that we have categorized the sites that are beneficial to list products in order to improve sales, the first question would be – How?

Most of these sales channels provide you with the feed requirements and if you meet those requirements, they work according to make a mutual benefit. As listing in merchant sites is far more beneficial than just listing your products in your store only, many eCommerce site owners send their feeds to these sales channels regularly.

Due to this the more frequently you send your data feeds to the merchants, the better they will be listed and higher will be the sales of your products!


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