Benefits of Selling on Facebook – Why You Need to Start TODAY!

sell on Facebook

Facebook recently reached 2 billion monthly users. Let’s take a moment to process this information.

2 BILLION! That’s almost a quarter of the world population.

Now would be a good time to rethink about why you haven’t invested your time and money (much less compared to other methods) on Facebook selling.

Can you imagine the ridiculous amount required to start a Facebook page?


So stop reading this if your company does not have a Facebook page yet and come back after spending a few minutes to set it up.

Now that you have a Facebook page up and running, here are some of the major benefits of selling on Facebook:

Customer Engagement

The easiest and fastest way to get your targeted audience engaged with your product is by starting a Facebook page. You cannot achieve this with flyers and posters on the street but with a Facebook page, you’re able to constantly listen to your customers firsthand.

Low Marketing Cost

Compared to traditional marketing strategies, marketing on Facebook is much cheaper. It also depends on where your targeted audience is located. For instance, if you’re targeting South Asian countries, you can get up to seven thousand likes with just 3 dollars! Even if the cost is higher in more developed countries, it is much more effective than investing in any other marketing strategy.

Reach a Refined Audience

With Facebook’s advanced targeting tools, you can practically handpick the exact customer you want to spend your budget on. The best way to sell on Facebook depends on how refined your targeted audience is, ultimately determining your conversion rate.

Boost Website Traffic

Boosting traffic to your site is regarded the best way to sell on Facebook. Imagine you’re trying to sell high-end shoes to your customers. You have the shoes listed on your website, and don’t have to include all of the details on Facebook as well. Just post a pic describing the best features and link it to your website. You can check Facebook Insight to see how many clicks the post got and evaluate its effectiveness yourself.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Since most people spend more time on social media than in real life, their reality is influenced by how well you present yourself on Facebook. Imagine the last conversation you had with someone about anything remotely interesting. It usually starts with them describing the video or picture they saw on Facebook. If you’re looking for a better way to sell on Facebook, remember to post gifs, videos, and pictures that spark the conversation in the comment section.

Monitor and Evaluate

One of the things that make Facebook the best social media to sell products on is the Facebook Insights feature. It presents infographics about every post you’ve made and how well it is doing with the targeted audience. You don’t need a degree in digital marketing to understand the stats that this feature so neatly presents and shape your selling strategy accordingly.

Okay, you understand the importance of selling on Facebook but have no idea where to start. One of the problems that many sellers face while starting is with the product feed. You need to concisely present all the features of your product while meeting the standards of Facebook’s product feed.

But worry no more! Because there exists an easy solution called ExportFeed.

ExportFeed helps you grow your business by managing Facebook product feed for you! You don’t have to worry about you ad getting rejected nor spend hours thinking about how to properly present and optimize the product feed to make sure it appeals to the customers.

If you want to learn more about how to get ExportFeed for Facebook, click here and get started today!

Happy Facebook selling!

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