Variable products of your BigCommerce store shouldn’t get stagnant there – here’s how to get it moving!

your BigCommerce product variation improved

Your products have their unique identities and they even have their unique personalities. Don’t believe that? So why do stern men purchase black clothes? Or why do the little or teen girls go for the pink accessories?

Your products even have age and they correspond to the age of the buyer. These variable attributes of your products make them appealing for specific buyers. But, if you have done a bit of research on your buyer’s behavior, you already know that.

You also know that your BigCommerce store has far fewer visitors than the popular marketplaces which is why you have started to create BigCommerce product feed and send them over to the merchants.

But, what if the products that you send do not match the persona of your buyers? You need to send over all your BigCommerce product variations to those merchants. and we’ve improved our BigCommerce variable product feed support for ExportFeed app.

Here’s how you can do that exactly:

First of all, you need a feed management tool to create your product feed for the merchant. Simply installing ExportFeed app will help you get that done.

Along with that, ExportFeed app installed on your BigCommerce store will also offer you some other functionalities, the main and primary one being – allowing you to list your BigCommerce Product variations.

Export products with variations to merchants

While your products have variations which uniquely appeal to the customers, the marketplaces are also crowded with different visitors who have different buying behavior.

Though you list the product that is highly in demand at that marketplace, if you aren’t able to display product of the right color, size or material, you may not make the expected amount of sales.

ExportFeed allows you to include or exclude product variation of your BigCommerce shop increasing your conversions through the marketplaces.

Mapping product variations while creating feeds:

Your product feed is the collection of product data in the format as specified by the merchant sites. As the merchant’s feed acceptance system is automated, any small error on the variation mapping will cause wrong listing or give you product feed errors.

This can be solved by using the advanced commands of ExportFeed, but even that isn’t always feasible. For this reason, we’ve implemented automatic product variation values mapping with that of merchants.

Now, the products that vary based on attributes “color”, “size”, and “material” can be mapped easily or automatically.

Pre-order for variable products

Your products or variations may not always be available. What if your medium sized product is highly in demand and goes out of stock on your BigCommerce store frequently than the small or large sized product.

You would want to send a pre-order date for that variation when you export your BigCommerce product feed to the merchants. You can achieve this very easily when using ExportFeed app. If you’re not sure how, please contact our support team.

Product variation inclusion when handpicking custom products

ExportFeed offers you an amazingly useful feature when it comes to product variation inclusion in your BigCommerce product feed. As you may already know that you can create custom product feed using ExportFeed app, here’s a great news for you.

When you create custom product feed, if you selected parent products that have variations based on color, size or material, they will also be included in your BigCommerce product feed.

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