List Shopify & BigCommerce products under multiple Google categories in one go

Shopify BigCommerce products under different Google categories

Within the comfort of your own Shopify and BigCommerce store, you don’t need to stick to selling products under one category. You could sell products under men and subcategorize products like summer wear, winter wear and so on.

But how would you map that category when exporting your products to Google Merchant center? For this, you need to map multiple categories of your shop to multiple categories of Google merchant.

Shopify Google Shopping Integration – how to start and how to prepare for success?

The best part about Google Shopping is that it takes your product attributes as the keywords. This alone increases your possibility of reaching more potential customers. This is so huge that you can’t miss implementing. That is one but there are more reasons why you should start your Shopify Google Shopping Integration.

Think about the number of products that you have in your Shopify store. Now, think about their attributes. Any combination of product attributes such as product size and category can be the keyword used to display your products.

Someone searches for a large t-shirt and Google Shopping may display your products, or the same product may be shown for a cotton t-shirt. The size and category were taken at the first ad display and at second, the material and category were taken as the keyword combination.