How to prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when listing in bulk

bigcommerce etsy products seo tips

BigCommerce lets you enjoy your authority over product listings and Etsy offers exposure to a mass audience. So, it is not an option that you choose between these two platforms. The best way to go is starting with BigCommerce Etsy Integration as it promises better sales revenue. 

Finding the right practices to integrate your BigCommerce products with the Etsy store will be difficult for the starters. Mostly, we’ll cover how you should prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when creating bulk product listing.

Create product category for Etsy

Selling BigCommerce Products on Etsy? Info you need to grow sales

BigCommerce Etsy Sync Sales boost tips

Etsy marketplace is well known to sell your antiques, handmade, vintage or unique products. Take a look at the principles that guide Etsy and you’ll immediately realize how you should participate selling your BigCommerce products to Etsy. What are the guiding principles then?

  • Commitment to the craft
  • Minimize waste
  • Embrace the differences
  • Dig deeper
  • Lead with optimism

These are the core values that you also need to follow when you send your BigCommerce products to Etsy. So what do they actually mean?

BigCommerce Etsy Integration – Underestimated yet powerful optimization tips

bigcommerce etsy sync optimization

BigCommerce makes it really easy to start your online store and even to grow your business through the multiple apps readily available in the BigCommerce app store. Whether you want to promote your business through the Google ads or integrate Google Shopping, you’ll find that on Bigcommerce admin panel, ready for you to use. You’ll also find the Sell on eBay connection with the BigCommerce admin panel.

However, these marketplaces are a bit different and won’t meet your needs if you’re specifically selling handmade, antique or vintage items. For this, you’ll want to sell your BigCommerce products in the Etsy marketplace. Luckily, we’ve been able to publish our app on the BigCommerce app store.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy? List multiple products, avoid errors and increase sales

selling jewelleries on Etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace to sell your handcrafted, antique, custom or unique products. One of the product categories that sell really well on Etsy is Jewelleries.

Custom made, antique or made-for-order – however you run business, if you can provide a unique design, you can sky-rocket your jewelry products sales.

If you are into selling jewelry, we can correctly assume that you are also selling through your own shop, whether that shop is powered by WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify. And you haven’t limited displaying your jewelry offerings.

So, why limit your product listing on Etsy, why not start with bulk products listing with ExportFeed?