Why synching your shopping cart is a must


The e-commerce business is a fierce battleground, and to be at the top of your game, you have to have your shopping cart synchronized. Why? First of all, it makes life a lot easier for you. Think: I-only-have-to-go-to-one-place-to-have-my-products-show-up-everywhere-else. And secondly, it makes life easier for your client. Think: I-love-what-this-company-sells-and-now-I-can-access-all-their-wicked-stuff-in-more-than-one-place!

So other than the obvious mentioned above, why else should you synch your shopping cart?

1. Selling your stuff in bundles = more sales for you = ūüôā

By synchronizing your stuff in bundles you can offer your customers a better deal and generate more sales by upselling a particular product. These bundle offers can only be displayed if your shopping cart has been synchronized and the products are arranged in feeds.

2. One stop shop to handle all feeds

Managing products on various marketplaces through different panels is time consuming and tedious for your employees! By synchronizing your shopping cart, you will eliminate these hassles by only having to go to one place to view, edit and delete information about your products.

3. Build your credibility¬†– don’t lose it!¬†

By building credibility online, your business will flourish
By building credibility online, your business will flourish

Selling stuff online isn’t easy because you’re trying to build credibility with¬†people you will probably never meet. And how do you build credibility? By not losing it in the first place. It’s scary how quickly you can lose credibility: by offering a product when you don’t have any stock left; or when someone goes to one site and gets different information about your product than what they saw somewhere else.¬†¬†The Shopping Cart Product Export will eliminate this because you create¬†in ONE PLACE, you update in ONE PLACE, and you manage in ONE PLACE.

To be taken seriously in the online marketplace, you have to everywhere at once without missing a beat.