Why Shopping Carts Matter…


Think about the last time you bought something online. How was that experience? Was it simple and easy? Or frustrating and difficult?

Chances are, if it was easy and simple, then they took their business seriously: they had a shopping cart set up.

Being an online business is different than bricks and mortar. You don’t get the chance to tell someone verbally why they should buy from you and that they will have a positive shopping experience if they go with you. But there are always opportunities to look like a company who means business (haha.) and one of those is by having a shopping cart set up.

To get your products sold, you don't have people coming into a store
Virtual Stores can be used to replace or augment a ‘bricks and mortar’ store.

Having a shopping cart organizes your inventory so that it’s not only easy for you to view what’s being sold, but your customer can also see what you have available! They want to be able to see what you have in stock, how much and for what price. If it’s hard to find this information, they’re going to move on.

To build your business, you have to constantly evolve and get better and better. The best way to do this is to know what products are selling and to whom, and you get all of this information from your shopping cart. You’re better able to understand your customers because a shopping cart will analyze your sales and customer’s shopping habits. You will also be able to manage your inventory more effectively and know what products are or aren’t selling, and you can determine whether there aren’t better ways to showcase your goods.

So now that you took our advice and your shopping cart is set up, you want to rule the universe (insert visual of ape beating chest) – what to do?!? Link your shopping carts up to the big wigs and get them to help you sell.

Want to rule the world ? Get your products out there!
Want to rule the world ? Get your products out there!

By having your shopping cart’s products show up in online merchants like Google, Amazon and Bing! your products are only going to be found more easily and by more potential customers. And by using the Shopping Cart Product Feed plugin, your products that are now showing up everywhere, will automatically be updated as you make changes. Sound amazing? Consider this the virtual version of sliced bread.