How can Google Trusted Store badge boost my sales?


Have you heard about the Google Trusted Store? Ever wonder what that means for you and whether it really will boost your sales?

The Google Trusted Store badge lets potential buyers know that your company is credible and that if they buy from you, Google’s got their back. The service they’ll receive will be top notch; what they order is what they’ll get; and Google will back up their order with purchase protection.

Let customers know you are the real deal and can safely buy from you!
Let customers know you are the real deal and can safely buy from you!

That’s all fine and dandy, but will it really add something valuable to your company? The answer is yes. That badge, at the bottom of your site and next to each of your products listed with Google Merchant, inspires confidence in customers and shows them that you can be trusted. Your site is instantly viewed as a credible business because it meets Google’s standards.

You will also start seeing more traffic from Google Shopping because their search engine is going to give your company priority over the other guys who aren’t a Google Trusted Store. Not to mention, now that you are a Google Trusted Store, the badge will actually be fully displayed on your products’ listing!

Lastly, the Google Trusted Store badge is going to ensure you become a better business. How? Because the Google Trusted Store demands it. Google constantly reviews their trusted stores to make sure that quality is maintained and that only the best of the best has their badge.

Now that you know this is one of the best things you can do for your business, why don’t you read up on how we can set this up for you.