Shopify & BigCommerce App Updated: With product feed validation & Custom product filters

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We are happy to announce one of the most demanded features and another that’ll help save time and effort of our ExportFeed Cloud users. If you are using our Cloud Service to increase the sales of your Shopify and BigCommerce shop, you will experience these changes and benefit from them.

Time & Effort Saver: Product feed validation

This is a new feature that’ll help you escape the error reports which you may get from the merchants after sending products information with errors or insufficient product information.

We have implemented product feed validation in our Cloud service to help you upload products without errors in product information. Here is how it works:

On the feed creation success message that you get after creating your feed, you can view the products. There, we have segmented the products in your feed under three category.

All Products: These are the list of products that you have selected to include in your product feed.

Validated Products: These products are the products with the green signal, you are good to submit them without making any adjustments. Your will to include all the products you selected in the feed you create. This will be met flawlessly after all your products are under validated products.

Error Products: Whether your products are missing external identifiers like UPC or they are missing, they will not provide the expected results when you submit them to the merchant. So, these products will be displayed under the error products tabs.  

Note: Though you may get some products under error products, they may still be valid for the merchant you select. As of now, this is for your best judgment or to contact our support team.

Most Demanded: Custom products feed

There were workarounds to include the selected products only on the list. Our users who have been with us, supported us, provided comments and suggestions, and walked through every UI changes and feature additions that we’ve made are well aware of them. However, for our new users, we needed to make it easy to use. So, here’s how we’ve improved it:


John is a new user and he has completed the shop sync process. He adds Amazon Sales channel to the dashboard. Then he clicks on “Sell on Amazon” button. Immediately, he’s taken to the product selection part.

Now, he sees the message big and bold: “If you want to select products individually, please click here.” Below that message is the regular feed creation process by selecting the shop category. He can scroll and create product feed by all products of one or more of his shop category.

. He clicks on the link and finds a message with the way to the categorical feed creation link if he wants.

Our update includes that message and the process that follows.

There are a set of filters and options aligned. And below that, he can see the products of his shop belonging to a certain category.

He uses the filters and hand-picks the products individually to create Amazon feed and clicks on Upload to Amazon.”

Product Search: We have added the search feature to help you find products with the same or similar keywords, titles, SKUs etc.

Price Range: You can enter the minimum price and the maximum price to find all products within that price range.

Category Selection: Selecting the individual products is limited within a specific category to help you map products with the merchant category. Suppose, you select a few products within a category. Then change the category and select a few more products. The products that’ll be included in the feed will only be those for the selected category when the “Generate product feed” button is clicked.

Products view: You will be able to see the product thumbnail,  title, SKU, product category of your shop and product price columns. You can select individual products or all products that are being displayed to create feed specific to the merchant.

The other three sections of this individual product selection page are the previous ones, i.e, Merchant Category selection for the products that you have selected, Feed Name section to provide an identifiable name for your product feed, and the call to action button to trigger the feed creation process.

We are certain that these updates will help you generate product feeds as you feel necessary to grow your sales in the marketplaces. However, if you haven’t yet started to use ExportFeed apps, we recommend you to start today and let us know about your happy or not-so-happy experiences. You can get easily get our BigCommerce app or Shopify app from the respective app stores.

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