How to get a better product review to boost your business?


Getting some better product reviews for your online business is always a better strategy to help you boost your sales. According to a study, nearly 70% of customers rely on reviews before making their purchase decisions. So promotion with feeds and reviews should get your combined effort. Only relying on feeds won’t help you realize the true potential of your business.

But why is it so? It’s simply because businesses today gains momentum largely because of such reviews.The decision to purchase for modern customers comes only if we could generate a feeling of good product among them. Majority of them even decide to read specifications only after seeing some review. That’s why you should carefully design a strategy for getting some of these!

A thing you should be careful about is the delivery system so as to gain a positive brand image and goodwill. This will help you to gather positive reviews because people like companies that deliver products at their doorstep or at the place where they have specified. Anyhow you should avoid negative reviews because they can be harmful as anything!

So, are there any technique which will help us receive some better reviews? Definitely there are! Let’s take a look at some of these.

        1. Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience:

The first step to get a positive customer review is to provide them with amazing experience. This calls for you to make sure they get the right product at the right time. So try to develop a proper mechanism which assists them in understanding their product and make a better purchase decision. Further, readily maintain a fast and reliable delivery system. This is what makes them happy. Once they are happy, you can be flooded with positive reviews.

       2. Win the Trust of customer with Support:

Needless to say a fast and reliable support system will gain additional credibility advantage for your company. So try to support your customer as much as you can and gain their trust.

Never ever lose a chance to win the heart of your customer with the support they need. Always be there to track the information your customer want and provide them with it as fast as you can. Similarly, always be there to provide them with the after sales service. Once you feel convinced they are happy, send a follow up mail to them asking to leave a review. There will be no better chance to grab a review than with newly satisfied customer.

     3.  Ask the right customer:

Not all customer may be the right one to ask for a review. Try to separate customers into groups and request only the group you feel will provide you what you want. Though it may not sound simple, you can do it easily if you give some time to understand your customer. Usually your hunch is right regarding your business and you can easily depend on it. So go for a customer you think will provide you with a better review on the basis of your intuition.

Make sure to ask for the review at the right time as well. Timing will play a great role on how your customer will write about you. If the customer is feeling exceptionally well about your service, the iron is hot so strike the rod right there.

    4.  Pay attention to social media reviews:

You should constantly pay attention on the social media reviews about your product. It’s likely that you’ll come up with several negative comments too along with some positive comments. Now, the question arises, how can you handle such situation?

Basically there are two techniques. Firstly, you should persuade the user who posted positive comment about your product to post them on your site too. This will help you to get some desired reviews on your site. Regarding the negative comments, you should try to answer them as much as possible. Explain them with your views regarding the issue and try to convince them.

This time when you send your data feeds to merchants with the help of ExportFeed and complete your sale, make sure to follow up some happy clients and get some positive review. This will provide a great value to your business. After all credibility is what renders a business successful. This basically calls a duty on your part too besides the strong help from ExportFeed. Thus what we want to suggest is it’s high time you start developing a strategy for this purpose!

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