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shopify app by exportfeed

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version of ExportFeed app for Shopify platform. Working on our mission to help eCommerce site owners to create and manage your product feeds on various high performing merchants, we’ve published this app in Shopify App Store with 7 days free trial as well.

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With this app, you will be able to create your product feeds by applying filters for category-based products. ExportFeed’s app for Shopify platform users includes the feed specifications for Google Merchant, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Etsy and other high performing comparison engines and affiliate platforms.

Why do we offer our Shopify App?

The main benefit of using this app is that you will be able to create and sync your product feeds without any hassle. As this app has the capacity to match exact feed specifications provided by merchants, you will be able to submit your feeds to merchants without or very low chances of receiving error reports.

The next benefit of using this app is that you will be able to schedule your product feeds to update in a regular interval. This provides you with the benefit to keep your inventory synced as well as maintaining your goodwill amongst your customers.

What you’ll absolutely love while using this app is the tremendous amount of time and effort you will save. What if you had to fill in the predefined template file or you had to create the feed files as per the technical specifications provided by the merchants? This would need technical skills and may as well cost you a lot of time and money. So start using the newly published ExportFeed app for Shopify.

We will provide you all the help you need to list your Shopify products to the merchants and one-time free feed creation whether you are a premium version user or trial version user.

Summarizing the benefits of this ExportFeed app for Shopify…

  •  Easy installation and feed creation process with an easy user interface.
  •  Feed creation by applying filters on the product category to get effective results.
  • Scheduled feed updates to keep your inventory synced on merchants.
  • Saves time and effort to manage feeds and improves goodwill also.
  • Reduces the hassle created by technical aspects of feed operation.
  • Free support for the feed creation even for trail users.

If you want to download the app now, here’s the quick link:
And to get you started on installing app, creating the product feed and sending to the merchants right away, here is the link:

If you haven’t started your Shopify store yet but you are willing to use our ExportFeed app for Shopify platform, you can start creating your Shopify based eCommerce store from here. 

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