Our WooCommerce plugin for 40+ Merchant has been updated

woocommerce plugin for 40 plus merchants updated

We’ve updated our WooCommerce plugin that enables you to sell on 40+ merchants to You can get the latest version of this plugin here.

We request you to install this version on your WordPress to benefit from the recent changes. Please check the changelog for this version update:

Added: Miinto new feed specification update
Miinto is one of the fastest growing marketplaces and is popular among the retailers and buyers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, and Belgium. To continue providing optimized feed services for Miinto marketplaces, we needed to update our feed creation engine.

Added: Miinto new marketplaces addition
Previously, while using ExportFeed plugin, you were able to create product feed for Miinto Norway, Miinto Sweden, Miinto Denmark and Miinto Netherlands. With this updated version, you will also be able to create product feed Miinto Poland and Miinto Belgium.

Added: Improved custom product feed
It is not always that you want to send whole product category to a certain merchant. You may want to select products based on price, SKU, Brand and other filters. In this update, we have improved the custom product feed creation process.

Added: Bonanza new feed specification update
Bonanza is the only marketplace with the tagline of “Find everything but ordinary.” This merchant offers to list a wide variety of products. With the latest update of ExportFeed plugin, you can meet the latest feed requirements of Bonanza. Please note that Bonanza requires your product single feed file with less than 50000 unique products.

At ExportFeed, we are continually working to provide you with better products and services. If you have any suggestions for us regarding our product and services, please feel free to let us know.

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