How do I get my products on more than one e-commerce platform?

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Export products with ease – get things off of your task list 🙂

Adding your products to more than one platform has always been frustrating and time consuming – especially when the list is this long (Amazon Product Ads, Amazon Seller, AmmoSeek, Bing!, eBay Merchant, Google Merchant, Google Adwords, NextTag, PriceGrabber,,ShopZilla, XML/CSV Export).

Does this sound familiar?

You have a product and all of its information listed on Amazon and decide that you also want it to be sold on Shopzilla. Being the sophisticated business person that you are, you go to Shopzilla to add your product, only to have to reenter all of your product’s information since Amazon and Shopzilla are two different entities with different forms and layouts. Now try this with 30 merchants!

Sound like a good time? Not really. So, how do you get your products to show up on more than one platform, without spending hours (upon hours) reentering the same information? By having –  Shopping Cart Product Export do the work for you.

With the exporter, you only have to create your product profile ONCE. Your product’s information is then extracted in formats that are suited to the e-commerce platforms of your choice (like: )  and then your product gets listed!

In addition to simplifying your product submissions, you can now manage your inventory from a single dashboard! You no longer have to keep visiting eBay or Amazon or Shopzilla to find out what’s going on with your products. You log into one dashboard and get all of this information in one place – your own shopping cart – the same one you and your staff are already experienced and trained on.


You are now able to collate all of your orders for the day; view what products have been selling on which platform; and can add new products to whatever platforms you want.

Our Shopping Cart Product Exporter takes the frustration out of selling on multiple platforms and lets you get back to what you want to do – building your business.