Tips to sell more Home Decor products on Etsy during Holidays

Tips to sell home decor products on Etsy during holidays

Home Decor products are suited for the Houzz marketplace, right? Yes, that’s true but if you’re dealing with handmade or antique products, you also have the Etsy marketplace. Why Etsy? Because Home Decors is among the top-selling category during the holidays for Etsy.

During the holiday season, you need to improve the physical presence of your home. Renovating the looks and feel of your house begins with small changes like the image on your wall, or the flower vase, or something similar.

What can you sell on Etsy within the Home Decor category?

etsy home decor category

The above screenshot shows all the subcategories products that you can sell on Etsy. However, when selling for the holiday season, here are some specific sub-categories that you shouldn’t miss to sell.

  • Table linens
  • Fold-up decorations
  • Simple jar candles
  • Wall decals
  • Himmeli wreaths and ornaments
  • Papercraft and origami decorations
  • Serve wares (better sales in antique)
  • Ornaments (rings, jewelry, necklaces)

The sales of these products will depend upon the materials and patterns used. Etsy is more popular among buyers to buy handmade products, allowing the buyers to select product variants based on patterns and materials is a good way to increase sales.

The material variation for different products will be different. The variation for vase will not be the same as the variation for ornaments. However, we’ll list the material variations that are popular for the Home Decor materials especially during the holiday season.

  • Wood
  • Straw Reeds
  • Origami Papers
  • Yarns
  • Fresh foliage
  • Others depending upon your product type.

The common mistakes of Etsy sellers

Most of the time, sellers on Etsy are more experienced and seasoned in their craft than presenting their crafts. But the core point is what looks good on Etsy grabs more attention and sells more. This is true for every marketplace. Here are some more points that you should consider when listing your Home Decor category products on Etsy to increase holiday sales.

1. Use of images

An image speaks more than a thousand words, so when you take a picture of your product for Etsy, you need to ensure you portray the product correctly. Along with that, keeping thoughts about the lighting conditions, background, image quality, etc will have an impact on your sales. You can list a product with up to 10 images on Etsy, make sure to use that facility.

2. Use of Tags

Etsy allows you to enter up to 13 tags per product. As tags work like keywords for Etsy search results, you should be a bit creative while using tags on your products. Think of your product tags as the alternative search keywords that a buyer will use to search for your products on Etsy.

3. Use of Description

Most of the sellers only use this section to describe the product that they are selling. But what is in it from the buyer’s perspective? If you’ve already sold the product in Etsy or elsewhere, you can use the product description to answer the most common questions about your products.

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