Which features of the Best Shopify Dropshipping App help your business grow?

best shopify dropshipping app

Thinking about starting a not-so-difficult yet a really-profitable-business?

– Choose dropshipping with Shopify using the best Shopify Dropshipping App to automate tasks!

Creating your eCommerce site is simple if you start using Shopify. Shopify provides you ready made platform and plethora of themes / apps to enhance the looks and feel along with the functionality. Due to this ease of business operations, Dropshippers mostly prefer to launch their site in Shopify with some must-have apps.

Shopify has a few apps that can automate the tedious work of your dropshipping business. If you are into dropshipping, here we are have noted down the must-have features for best Shopify Dropshipping app to use on your site.

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Best Shopify Dropshipping App Must-Have Features – Even For Starters!

Clear Guidelines or Usability

When using any application, if you need to go through the user manual for each step, it gets tedious to work with. Along with that, even if the instructions are not clear then actually doing what you needed to do is not possible. So usability and easy to use is a must have.

When you are dropshipping; delay of minutes if not seconds can cause you to lose customers. And using an application with complicated user interface and compact features that are way too difficult to understand is a drawback.

Ease to Add Products & Variants

What makes dropshipping so popular? The simple nature of how the business is operated. You list products on your Shopify platform and send the orders to the supplier. If you are having trouble adding products to your Shopify store itself, you are bound to fail at dropshipping. So make sure that adding products and even product variants is not just easy but also a flawless process.

Along with that, you don’t want to take unnecessary step to first select your product and then import that product to your store. What you actually want is to import the products in bulk to save time while staying confident about which products you are selling through your store.

Categorise the Added Products

In Shopify, we call these collections. Directly importing your products to your Store will add to your Homepage collection if you just started your Shopify store. What if you could define which products should go into which collection? This improves the usability of your Shopify based drop shipping web shop. And it also improves the management of your Shopify store.

Manipulate Pricing of the Products

It is obvious that at times you will need to reduce your margin to sell more and at times you want to get higher margins for the product you drop ship. Inability to make changes to product pricing is like operating in a controlled environment. Along with that, you may want to improve the product listing and improve conversion by changing images too. And your dropshipping app should facilitate for that need as well.

Set Multiple Supplier for One Products

When you are dropshipping, one of the main problems that you can face is stock going out of order. Instead of manually searching the products to drop ship, you can set multiple suppliers for the same product. If your dropshipping app has this feature, you will be able to prevent the bad reviews from customers and will be able to maintain your goodwill to gradually expand your business.

Ability to import products from multiple Vendors

We are all aware that AliExpress is one of the most preferred merchant to import products from when it comes to drop shipping. But occasionally, we may want to import products that are not shipped from China. So using an app to import products from marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and couple of others increases your goodwill and helps you stand out in the competition as well.

Product Price Change Alerts for your imported products

When you import the products from vendors and list them on your site, the product details are mostly same every time if you didn’t make any changes. But what if the vendor changes those product information after you have imported? This can create a major dispute among you and your customers and even more if the information is as sensitive as product pricing.

For this reason, it is absolute necessary for your Shopify Dropshipping app to alert you when vendors make changes in their product pricing so you can follow that accordingly.

Which app do we recommend you to automate your Shopify Dropshipping  business?

Best shopify drop shipping app

As of the time of writing this blog, two key players in drop shipping are Oberlo and Dropified. You can check the feature comparison between Oberlo and Dropified here.
Now, if you feel that the features that we discussed above are necessary and want to use an app which offers all of these, then we recommend you to:

 Get the Dropified App

Though Oberlo has been quite popular in the drop shipping arena for Shopify Users, here are some of the features that Dropified offers which Oberlo has missed to implement at the time of writing this blog.

  • Manage Multiple Stores
    If you are running different Shopify stores for different niche markets, Dropified really serves your purpose.
  • Organize / Research Product Boards:
    Before publishing the vendor’s products on your site, you can check, research and organize those products on the Dropified Boards.
  • Edit Products before Uploading:
    You may have the idea to better represent the products and Dropified allows you to  do so on your Shopify store.
  • US product database:
    This app has almost 10,000 US products in the database which will make your product management easier.
  • 1 Click Add to Shopify:
    You can simply add products to your Shopify store with just 1 click. Oberlo requires to select products and then import products.
  • Bulk Editing of Products:
    Having to individually change the same thing on each and every product manually is not just tiresome but is prone to errors too. So Dropified allows bulk editing of products.
  • Save Original Product Information:
    When you change product information, you might need to refer to the original description, titles or other such values. For this you can save original product information for future reference.
  • Save Shipping Options:
    You have the option to save shipping options for customers who are frequent buyers of your site. This helps you to check and tally the previous shipping details and avoid possible shipment errors.
  • Add Notes:
    You can keep notes about products, when you updated the product information or by how much your pricing impacted the sales and such when you are using Dropified.
  • Upload custom product images:
    If you find an image that would better represent the product than the one that the vendor is using, you can change that product image.
  • In-app photo editing:
    Since you are selling from your own Shopify store, you can add description or offers to the secondary product images to improve conversion of your products.
  • Auto scan for Tracking Numbers:
    As much as making sure that the product is delivered to the customer is necessary, tracking those shipments are equally time consuming if there are many orders. Dropified offers auto scan of tracking numbers for this purpose.
  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled:
    To avoid the confusion about new orders and fulfilled orders, using Dropified app helps by automatically marking the orders as fulfilled.
  • Advanced Variant Mapping:
    Manually adding color, size and other type of variation on your Shopify platform is a tedious job. This is simplified by Dropified through the Advanced Variant Mapping feature.
  • Add multiple suppliers per product & switch between them:
    Selling the products available from one supplier only may create problem. Dropified offers to add multiple suppliers per product and switch between the suppliers to fulfil them.
  • Easily Create Free + Shipping version of products:
    Listing products without shipping information creates confusion for customers who are ready to buy and may reduce conversion. So Dropified offers to create free or shipping version of the products.
  • Import products from over 30 vendors:
    The products that you want to sell or your visitors are searching for may not be available in the same merchant. With Dropified, you have the option to import products from over 30 merchants.
  • Filter products from Top Rated AliExpress sellers:
    AliExpress is the most popular merchant among dropshippers. So, Dropified has provided the option to filter products from Top Rated sellers only.
  • 3 Ordering Modes:
    Dropified allows you to fulfil orders in three ways – step by step checking for fulfilment, 1-click fulfilment and 1-click fulfilment with shipping option.
  • Ali captcha solver:
    While importing products from AliExpress, manually solving captcha is a tedious job if you are importing bulk products. This feature of Dropified helps you to get rid of this cumbersome task.
  • Import Reviews from AliExpress:
    We know that product reviews are an integral part contributing to the conversion. With the ability to import products along with their reviews, you have the benefit of attracting more conversions.

Still wondering whether the features of the best Shopify dropshipping app features mentioned in this post will help you grow your dropshipping business? You’ll have to use it to find out!

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