Selling your products on Amazon under your Personal Brand

amazon personal registry

Sending your Shopify products on Amazon will offer you the benefits of mass exposure to the visitors who are looking to purchase your products. However, if you are selling products new to the Amazon marketplace, you can either purchase a GTIN / UPC code for your product or register as a brand on Amazon.

Why should you register a brand on Amazon?

Apart from the recognition of your own products and the goodwill that you may collect from owning a brand, here are a few more benefits of registering a brand on Amazon.

  • Brand registration with Amazon will provide you an exemption from GTIN values.
  • You can own a proprietary text and image search on Amazon.
  • You have increased authority over products under your brand.
  • Any intellectual property rights violation regarding brand can be reduced.
  • Your customers on Amazon will find your products more trustworthy.

What are the requirements for registering a brand on Amazon?

Registering a brand on Amazon helps you tackle with any intellectual rights infringement and improve your sales too on Amazon but for that, you need to meet the requirements for brand registration. The basic requirements are:

  • Your brand should have a registered trademark which should not be a stylized illustration.
  • You should have a Brick & Mortar store under the brand name or provide a website URL where customers can purchase your products.
  • Amazon will require the images of the brand’s logo, product images with trademark and branding.
  • Image of the branded packaging can also be provided if the product itself is not branded. This is mostly used when packages of multiple supplementary products are branded in Amazon.
  • The categories of products under the brand under which those products or brand itself should be listed.
  • The countries where a product is developed and where they can be distributed.

You will find more information and start your Amazon Brand registry from here:

Including your personal brand information while creating your product feed for Amazon

If you are using ExportFeed to connect your eCommerce site with Amazon, we have provided the advanced commands that you can set for your product.

setAttributeDefault brand as “brand name”

If you enter this line in the Advanced Command box before generating your product feed, the products you have selected to include in the feed will have the brand value as “brand name”. If you have more questions regarding personal branding on Amazon, our support team can help you with the answers.

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