Shopify Amazon Integration – Why, How and the Best Practices!

shopify amazon integration

Before starting on the Shopify Amazon Integration, let’s understand basics about Shopify and Amazon platforms.

Shopify is a great hosted platform to start your eCommerce site and has provided a free trial in order to let the starters to check if it meets their needs. So, if you haven’t checked how this platform facilitates your eCommerce store needs, you can start using Shopify from here. Shopify also facilitates the addition of features on websites by offering Shopify App store where many publishers have listed their free and premium apps even for Shopify Amazon Integration.

The apps on the store are of wide variety and if you want to add some specific function on your site, you can easily visit the Shopify App Store from the Shopify Dashboard. Among the marketing apps, we have also listed our Shopify Amazon App.

About the Giant Marketplace & Benefits that it Offers…