GTIN Exemption Cases – Listing Products on Amazon

Amazon GTIN Exemption

Selling on Amazon is almost essential for every eCommerce site that wants to grow and survive in the long run. At this age, when even brick and mortar stores are creating their product listing on Amazon, it is not an option for an eCommerce site owner to miss out on this channel. But while selling personally manufactured products, either you need to register your Brand or you need to fill in the standard product ID in form of UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN. So, here are some GTIN exemption cases that can help.

How to promote your products on Amazon from different eCommerce Platforms?


Which platform powers your eCommerce site? Did you sit down with the developer during this decision-making process? Perhaps they choose the easy WooCommerce or WP eCommerce, the extendable Magento, or the self-hosted Shopify, BigCommerce or others.

If it were your choice,  your eCommerce site could also have been developed in Virtuemart or Hikashop platforms. Regardless of which platform powers your eCommerce site, you can improve your marketing and product sales with ExportFeed. How? – Promote your products on Amazon by creating your optimized product feed and sending them to Amazon.