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sell your boutique products on atterley

There’s a huge market for designers’ and branded items. A lot of people who care about their looks and style pay huge bucks to set themselves different from others. And the best part is you have the items that they demand – bags, shoes, necklaces, rings and all that accentuate their looks. All you need to do is reach out to those potential customers. Here’s the easy way – promote and sell your boutique apparels to the visitors of

Many people know their way to list products in merchant sites like Some also like to sell their products in Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Google merchants. This is a good way to promote as you can easily create your product feeds by using ExportFeed for all those sites and mainly One main reason to list your products is that this merchant has earned a reputation to be the major shop for women’s online clothing.

Now, how do you grab the visitors of and turn them into your customers? You need to list your products in this specific merchant site and you need to do it effectively. Here is how:

  • Make sure to create your category specific product feeds.
  • Register in and send your product feed to them.
  • Share your product details page on your Social Media.
  • Stay active to handle the product inquiry and provide support.
  • Create data feed of your products using ExportFeed.

export feed product feed creation

Category of Products that you can sell on allows you to sell your products based on a few broad categories and specific categories. You can mostly sell Clothes, Shoes and Accessories in

Clothes for Men and Women

use ExportFeed to sell dresses from atterley

When you are selling clothes, you have the option or opportunity to promote your products based on different seasons. You also have the opportunity to target users based on different user personas by selling skirts, denims, casual dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, knitwear, tops trousers etc. Now create your feeds based on clothes category using ExportFeed and send them to Atterley.

For Shoesuse ExportFeed to sell shoes on Atterley

Shoes are the ones that immediately give up a lot about your personality. That’s the reason why promoting your shoes is easy and difficult at the same time. However reaching mass audience of, you will increase the chances of selling the shoes of your store better and faster. Atterley currently holds in display, the shoes like boots, sandals, trainers, high heels, mid heels and flats.

For Accessories

sell jewlleries to atterley using exportfeed

For every person who has a passion for fashion, they have their favorite accessory and they even have a collection of those. Similar to stylish ladies having a wardrobe full of shoes, denims and such, many people like to collect watches, necklaces, rings etc. I bet you can’t find a person with the possession of just one necklace, bag, belts or such accessories. As has a really cool collection of these, how can you miss to list your cool accessories there?

So, it’s time for you to register on and ride the bandwagon of ExporFeed to list your products and greet the success that’s so desperately waiting for you!

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