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Think about the last time you shopped for something… Did you do a search on the company name or on a specific product? Probably on a specific product, right?

ShoppingCartProductFeed does all the work for you - including drive traffic to your site!
ShoppingCartProductFeed does all the work for you – including drive traffic to your site!

Well, when you’ve used a product exporter (something brilliant like the ShoppingCartProduct Feed), and an end user goes to the online merchant you’ve linked up to and searches for your product, the resulting link that appears brings the user directly to that specific product on your site. This makes shopping less of a pain for them and increases the amount of traffic to your site.

By using the ShoppingCartProduct Feed, you can export all/some/most of your products to places like Google Adwords, Amazon Seller, eBay Merchant, and others! This export contains all of your product details (pricing, images, etc.) and gets listed on their sites!  In all cases, your product information gets INDEXED for FREE – and linked to a major site with major authority (for example, your brand name gets indexed on Google’s Merchant platform – by listing with them..  Now, those results are indexed by Google (brand name, item description, etc. – AND – also are hosted on a PR7?? plus page – brilliant!

Another example – from the user perspective..  You are searching for the best price for anti-wrinkle cream (I’m not saying you need it, I’m just sayin’…) and you go to Amazon to see what they have. You punch in a specific product that makes you look magical and voila! You’re brought to a link that brings you to that specific product on your site. Two things happened: you went directly to  Amazon to search, were directed to your real site to close the sale – AND you will now go directly to that site in the future when you need to replenish whatever cream you bought (we won’t tell anyone).

But why is site traffic important to you as an online merchant? What’s the big deal? The big deal is that sites like Google rates sites based on many many factors, but a prime consideration is : does this keyword/phrase have popularity from relevant sites… In this case, your product is indexed with ‘anti wrinkle cream’ data points, on the largest most popular sites in the world (Amazon, Google, etc.)..  This is what we like to call ‘Free SEO Juice!’

By increasing traffic, you're increasing your SEO ranking!
By increasing traffic, you’re increasing your SEO ranking!

By having your products exported to online merchants, and automatically synched as you update information, you are ultimately telling people where to go – in a nice, pleasant way – YOUR SITE!

So, next time you are uploading and indexing your products into other merchants, make life easier by using the ShoppingCartProduct Feed and improve your SEO Rank!

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