Trending digital products on Etsy during the Coronavirus phase


Coronavirus has affected individuals and businesses worldwide on a massive scale.

When all of the consumers are limited to the periphery of their residence, there’s not much to sell besides digital products.

One of the rather unsurprising results from this pandemic has been a peak in internet usage – people depend on the virtual world to keep them entertained while trying to hold on to their sanity.

Despite all of this, there have been some digital products that have been trending on Etsy starting from December when the Coronavirus was just being discovered.

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a different business model, here are some products that might be of interest to you.

You can find the search volume, SEO & paid difficulty along with keyword ideas to help you get started on selling these digital products on Etsy.

Printable Stickers

Stickers are one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing for businesses.

You probably have seen custom stickers on cars, signs, bathroom stalls, doors and so forth.

While people staying at home might not be going around showing off stickers, they are still printing them out of boredom or just to give their room an upgrade.


Greeting cards

There is nothing quite like a greeting card that can send a special message to someone you care about.

They combine the power of beautiful images along with poetic words to make the receiver of the card grateful for the gift.

While any of the other digital products might go out of fashion, these are definitely here to stay.

Printable coloring pages

The search volume alone for printable coloring pages should give you an idea about how popular they are from kids to adults alike.

There has been a significant increase in printable coloring pages’ search volume ever since December which clearly shows a lot of isolated individuals have turned to them to ignite their creative side.

Printable business cards

You might be wondering who could be interested in printing business cards at this time but the numbers clearly show no sign of decrease in its popularity.

Printable business cards let entrepreneurs showcase their business while facilitating the networking process.

Snapchat filter

From house parties and weddings to coffee shops and campus-wide events, Snapchat offers a filter for everything.

You can target a niche audience and create a filter that has a special place in their hearts.

While the average order value might not be too high for these filters, you should definitely consider creating and selling a wide variety of Snapchat filters to make a decent profit out of them.


Printable wedding invite

While it is obvious that no one’s really planning on getting married any time soon, printable wedding invites still have a significant search volume with the hardest paid difficulty in this list.

Printable wedding invites are a great way of cutting costs since you do not have to hire a designer and make the design from scratch.


Printable planners

Sometimes life can seem too overwhelming just because you have no way of tracking all the things that you’re supposed to do at the same time.

Printable planners are a great way of keeping your daily tasks organized.

This is a great solution for people who are working from home to keep track of their pending tasks.


Printable calendar

Calendars have been used since the beginning of time.

The only difference between the primitive ones and the ones we use today would be the design, really.

Just like any other digital product, you could make a good earning by targeting a niche market and offer printable calendars based on that product/brand/TV-series or whatnot.


Fonts come in all shapes and sizes. The choices are endless for businesses to choose one that aligns with their brand.

Every product you’ve ever purchased or the artist you’ve listened to has a unique font that helps them stand out from everyone else.

Since most businesses prefer using a unique font, you can offer numerous templates and let your customers choose for themselves.


Business logo

Logos are another crucial component of your business’ brand.

It is often referred to as the face of a company.

While the paid difficulty is slightly higher than the others in this list, you can definitely earn from selling logo templates of a small size for free and high-resolution options as a paid package.

We hope this list of trending digital products on Etsy was helpful for you to prioritize exactly which business you might want to invest in.

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