Shopify to Etsy Products Guide

Shopify to Etsy Connection Configuration & Product Listing Manual Manufacturers or sellers of handmade products know well about the Etsy marketplace. Etsy also allows you to list your unique or antique products of Shopify shops. If you are selling craft tools, you can also list those on Etsy even if they are not manufactured by […]

Do I need ExportFeed after listing products on merchant sites?

First of all,  if you were able to successfully list your products on the merchant sites using ExportFeed, we’d like to congratulate you and our wishes for your business growth through the sales channels (merchant sites). ExportFeed offers you to list products on three types of sales channels. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. Comparison Shopping […]

Woo Additional Product Fields Plugin is Released in

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the Woo Additional Product Fields plugin that’ll help you add the required fields in your WooCommerce products and that’ll be carried to the feeds you create for marketplaces using ExportFeed plugins. Sending products to different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping definitely helps you reduce your product marketing […]

Installation & User Manual – Woo Additional Product Fields Plugin

Installation & User Manual – Woo Additional Product Fields Plugin ExportFeed plugins will install easily on any latest version of the WordPress installations. These plugins allow you to list and sell your products on the merchant sites. However, this plugin will help you to add “brand”, “UPC”, “Shipping cost”, and “Notes” to your individual products. […]