Sell your products on Etsy with ExportFeed

How to list your products on Etsy in 4 easy steps Etsy is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms for DIY products – from handcrafted supplies to vintage jewelry. At first glance, it might seem a bit complicated to get started on this platform. Thankfully, ExportFeed helps you automate the entire process and list your […]

Dropshipping on Etsy in 2020: Pros and Cons

The popularity of dropshipping over the years has led almost every new and aspiring entrepreneur to consider this business model at least once in their lifetime – especially with Etsy. The main question is, however, not if other people are dropshipping on Etsy – its whether it is legal. Let’s get right into it. Is […]

Face Masks & Coverings category added to Etsy plugin!

In 2020, the face mask industry size hit an all-time-record of USD 4581.9 million.  It is logical to assume that the coronavirus outbreak plummeted the sales of face masks overnight. If you’re planning to delve into this business but are still on the fence about its sustainability, here’s something even more shocking (positively) –  the […]