Amazon sub category

What is Amazon sub category? Amazon sub category is the category path of your product. Supplying values in Amazon sub category field helps in the better categorization of your products enhancing the search availability. You need to select the sub category for the feed to be accepted by Amazon. Once the Sub category is selected […]

Feed product type

What is Feed Product Type? Feed product type defines the type of your product within a category. There are often multiple product types defined within a category under Amazon feed specification. You need to select appropriate product type for your feed to be accepted by Amazon. If you look into the BTG file of Amazon […]

Amazon: How do I get my products to show up on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and if you want to be a successful business, it’s almost a given that your products have to be listed on it. But there are thousands of products listed on Amazon. And, there’s also the ever changing A9 algorithm in play for Amazon product search results. […]


After your Ecwid store is synced with our ExportFeed Cloud Service, go to dashboard and click on My Shops tab. You will see your store installed. Once the shop sync completes, you will see the product count from your My Shops tab. Below documentation will provide you instructions on how to connect Amazon account. On the […]

Pre-requisites to send your Ecwid Feed to Amazon Marketplaces

1. Premium Ecwid Account – You won’t be allowed to install apps on trial store. 2. Amazon Marketplace Account – You need to have a professional seller plan for the desired Amazon Marketplace. 3. Trial or Premium subscription of ExportFeed: Sell on Amazon Marketplace. 4. ExportFeed app installed in your Ecwid Store. 5. Find the […]