File Upload

when the delivery method is “file upload” is it still automated.. or do u have to go and click “upload”  like a live url always stays up to date Not really. File upload means uploading a csv or txt files. The feed is updated within the site and our plugin cannot push the updates to merchants

Facebook feed Queries

 I want to know how to get the feed to upload to Facebook so I can start to run dynamic ads  In such case, you can ask for feed URL to the client and the feed URL can be found in manage feed section. The feed will open in the browser tab in case of […]


I have around 1k products on eBay. I would like to export all these products and list them in WooCommerce, which will include all the images, description and prices. Is this possible with this plugin? Our plugin only works with the products export from platform to merchants and not from merchants to platform. So we […]

Feed setup

I really need help setting up Export Feed. You can check the documentation link here And also here are faqs 

Shopify Amazon Queries

Hi, we would like to sell from our Shopify store to Amazon. Can we set a higher price for products sold on Amazon – is it easy to do? Yes. Price can be altered in a feed. For this, they need to use the command: rule discount(1.20, *, p) You can find more info about […]