Listing products from Shopify to ShareASale FAQ

Shopify to ShareASale FAQ

  What is Merchant ID?

A ShareASale Merchant ID is simply a unique identifier assigned to every merchant registered on ShareASale’s network who can directly perform monetary transactions.

  Where can I find my Merchant ID?

Your Merchant ID is displayed on the top left corner of your dashboard as soon as you log in to your ShareASale Merchant account.

  What does automatic FTP upload mean?

FTP is the best method to send bulk or very large product feed files, but it’s also a great way to store files off local machines and in one remote location.

ExportFeed’s ShareASale integration app lets you do just that automatically!

  How are data feeds updated on ShareASale?

You will have to add ExportFeed’s IP(include IP) to your Merchant Center’s whitelist. We will extract your attribute details from your ShareASale Merchant Center.
Once this is set up, we will automatically update your data feed on a daily basis.

  Are there any feed limitations?

There is no limit to how many products can be included in a feed. However, we recommend you to stay low to 15K in a single feed file.

  How often are my products synced across Shopify and ShareASale?

ExportFeed’s ShareASale integration app lets you automatically sync your products on a daily basis.

ShareASale allows you up to 31 syncs in a single month. In order to wisely distribute the quota across the days in a month, we suggest you sync it once a day.

  Can I use different product titles on ShareASale rather than what’s on Shopify?

Yes, you can set any title of your preference on ShareASale that is different from Shopify.

  Can I upload different prices on ShareASale rather than what’s on Shopify?

Yes, definitely you can change the product price on ShareASale rather than what’s on Shopify. You can use this feature on your holiday season where you can provide discounts and also increase prices.