Installation manual for “ExportFeed: Sell on Amazon Marketplaces” App

This article explains about how you can use ExportFeed app for your Ecwid Store. You can follow the steps to install the Ecwid app and access ExportFeed cloud service to start selling your Ecwid products on Amazon Marketplace. 1. Search for ExportFeed Amazon app in the Ecwid Apps Market. 2. Click on the “ExportFeed: Sell […]

Physical Store to Extended Omni-Channel eCommerce Model – Answers to your Why & How questions

There isn’t much option to market your physical store unless you opt in for costly mass media advertising or distributing banners and such around. For this reason, most of the physical store owners are expanding their presence in the digital world and some extensive business people are following the extended omni-channel eCommerce model. In this […]