How to solve “Oh dear, you cannot sell this item on Etsy” error?

Why am I facing this error?

Etsy works on the principle of sale of handmade items, crafts, or vintage products.Therefore, Etsy makes sure that the item which you are listing is in line with its principle.  

If you upload a vintage product which is:

  •   Not handmade, vintage or a craft item.
  •   Made by someone else.  
  •   Made after the year of 2000 (less than 20 years of making).

Etsy detects it as a violation of its principles and as a result shows you this Error.

Error Message

Why does Etsy have this principle?

Etsy expects their users to make their products themselves. Etsy also expects the user to list the product as a supply or a craft tool if it is not made by the user. Also, the products should be made before the year of 2000 (more than 20 years of making). 

How do I solve this error from ExportFeed?

To solve this error please follow the following steps:

  1.     From ExportFeed Dashboard, click on details from Etsy Sales Channel.

  1.     Click on the Etsy Configuration tab.

  2.   Make sure that the item which you are listing was made before 20 years (Before the year of 2000) in “When it was made?*” section.

  3.   Make sure you choose it as ‘A Supply or tool to make things’ if it is not made by you or there is already a product on Etsy similar to yours.

5.     Then click on Update Configuration.