Why should you synchronize your shopping carts?

Synchronizing your shopping carts with online merchants (like: Amazon Product Ads, Amazon Seller, AmmoSeek, Bing!, eBay Merchant, Google Merchant, Google Adwords, NextTag, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com,ShopZilla, XML/CSV Export) allows you to manage your stock across all platforms, automatically and without much – if any effort! This not only improves your operation’s efficiency, it also provides for:

VirtueMart to Bing! Product Ads Upload

Pre-requisites Before you’re able to publish a Bing Catalog File: Create a Bing Ads Account: Sign up for Bing Ads Verify your website through: Bing Webmaster Tools Add a Merchant Center Store: Create your Bing Merchant Center Store VirtueMart Store complete with products, product categories and custom fields *View the videos below for a complete […]

VirtueMart to Amazon Seller Central Product Upload

Pre-requisites An Amazon Professional Seller Account – which will provide access to Amazon’s volume listing tools VM Store with Products, Product Categories and Custom Fields Step-by-step How To’s View the supported Templates/Categories – Request a category Install the Shopping Cart Product Feed Plugin Generate an Amazon Inventory File Upload an Inventory File to Amazon & […]

Merchant Category List

Please view the product categories (& taxonomy lists) below. Although it is an optional requirement, we recommend completing the Category field for improved listings. Google Product Categories Bing Product Categories – click Bing product taxonomy Amazon Product Categories – scroll down a bit OR Amazon Template Table Ammoseek Product Types

Merchant Attribute Requirements

To list your products, it is necessary to provide a set of attributes for each product. Most merchants require a product title, description, link and image URL, while some require additional information like UPC and brand. Our plugin remains up to date with current changes and ensures your feed file meets merchant requirements. Follow the […]

Google Merchant Shopping Upload Errors

Item Errors (you may come across one or more of these) Missing tax information Tax must be specified in the ‘tax’ attribute or in your account settings. Note: Allow 15 minutes for account settings to take effect before uploading a new feed. Missing required attribute: gender Please make sure you include all required attributes in […]

Configure CartProductFeed Component for Product Feed Creation

Follow the simple steps below to configure the Cart Product Feed component and generate your first data feed. 1. Create Feeds Page From the Joomla Admin’s top navigation bar, click Components > Cart Product Feed > Create Feeds 2. Enter Valid License Key (or skip to continue using the product for free – some restrictions) […]

Joomla VirtueMart – Install CartProductFeed Component

1. Log in to your Joomla Administrator panel & navigate to the extension manager. Here you can download the component and upload the package file, or use the Install URL. Download/URL: http://www.shoppingcartproductfeed.com/downloads/joomla/cartproductfeed.zip Upload Package File or Install from URL using the URL provided above. 2. After successfully installing the plugin, click Components > Cart Product Feed […]

Editing Your Inventory Template

The plugin will generate a tab delimited CSV file (the required format for some merchants). To edit the file yourself, first save the file to your local hard drive. Open the file in a text editor and copy/paste all contents into a spreadsheet. Afterwards you will be able to edit and enter any missing values. […]