Selling Tens of Thousands of Products? No Problem!
Let Our Cloud do the Work for You!

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RapidCart Benefits…

  • Scalable cloud service to easily setup and process feeds!
  • Automatic upload and syncing to over 40 merchants from 1 plugin
  • Uses our servers – not yours!
  • Create powerful campaigns to promote your products
  • Receive first-class support

40+ supported merchants



Scalable cloud service to process large feeds of tens and hundreds of thousands of products!


Can be used with any of
our platforms: WooCommerce, VirtueMart, Shopify, & more!


With a single plugin, export & sync all of your products to Google, Amazon, eBay, & more!


Create blowout campaigns to move your inventory!


Edit product details from one plugin and sync everywhere!

Your Workload Just Got Lighter.

Using our ExportFeed plugin, all you simply do is upload your product details to our RapidCart servers. That’s where your work is basically done! Our servers will do the variations, dupes, and more before exporting the product feeds to over 40 supported merchants! Yes, it is that easy.

Large ecommerce businesses love utilizing our unique scalable cloud service because our servers – not theirs – can process all of their products easily. We’re talking up to hundreds of thousands daily! By using RapidCart, you can now save your servers for other aspects of your business rather than filling them with infinite product feeds.

ExportFeed has been downloaded 20,000 times! We are trusted by hundreds of merchants just like you. With our cloud, you can spend less time entering product data over and over again, and focus more on selling your products and building a successful business!

Our cloud comes with elite customer support. You can chat live with our professional customer service representatives who offer fast, friendly service to answer any product feed questions or issues you may have.



I have a furniture business with over 14000 products and needed a one stop shop for product uploads. Having carried out some research it became clear that this could become costly so I dug a little deeper and found this gem of a plugin. I took out the year license with 2 hours support (not expensive) they called me went through everything in such detail that I am now completely competent on uploading feeds. Works a treat and I am so pleased that this has easily decreased my total marketing budget by some 25%. Nice, real honest people who go out of their way to sort out any issues and have everything on hand – great support. Doesn’t slow down my site and works with all my other plugins too. Would give more stars if possible!!


We have a large WooCommerce site with over 18,000 products (going to 40,000) and we needed to export our products in order to submit a feed…plugin works and does what we need it to do and more!


It’s perfect for our antiques and collectibles website, which has over 3,000 products! The plugin is simple to install, error-free (i.e., no PHP errors), properly exports all feed variations with full support for all feeds (including Google’s strict Merchant requirements), supports all product attributes for all feeds, provides excellent documentation, and automatically updates feeds on your schedule. It is an excellent value, considering the developers offer free, live, online tech support at very late hours. When they are not online, they usually respond within two hours! The product is easily customizable with advanced commands, so that each feed can have additional, fewer, and/or unique attributes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this plugin to anyone with WooCommerce!

Just Call Me Ben

As a business that regularly houses on the upward of 400+ items, a plugin like this is crucial to be able to export that inventory accurately and effectively. For me, that’s exporting to Google Merchant Center, and let me tell you, with all the plugins I’ve used, this one just works. Plain and simple.