Empower your RapidCart for Sales Growth! Sync RapidCart Data Feed to AmmoSeek with ExportFeed!

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Few of the benefits of using ExportFeed:

  • Installation of ExportFeed is simple & quick.
  • You get to create feeds specific to merchants.
  • Feed optimization with advanced commands.
  • Increases the SEO value of your listing in merchants.
  • Automatic feed updates when you change info.
  • Cloud based feed management for top performance.

Sending RapidCart Feed to AmmoSeek with ExportFeed – Best for Online Promotion

You can use ExportFeed to create your product feeds of your site for all your products or specific category. The feeds created using ExportFeed will be optimized to meet the requirement of merchant’s requirements. This offers a better listing of your product in the sales channel.
Listing your products to merchant sites, comparison shopping and affiliate platforms will increase your market share of products and reach more customers to improve your sales. With ExportFeed, increasing your ROI will be more effective in terms of cost and time.




Connect to 40+ Sales Channel
In ExportFeed we have integrated the feed specifications for 40+ merchants. So, creating feeds for them is literally just a few clicks. And when you upload, those feeds will be act to list your products effectively.


Create Optimized Product Feeds
You will be able to create optimized feeds using the ExportFeed advanced commands. Add custom product attribute, discounts or currency flexibility in the feeds you generate. You will have all the documentation & our support.


Sync Feeds Automatically
Sending your data feeds to merchants regularly helps to keep the listings fresh in the merchants. This ensures that your product has high SEO value in merchants & the product info updated. Best part, it’s automatic.

Implement the effective way to sync your RapidCart data feed to AmmoSeek!

After setting up an online business, promotion plays the key role in survival or growth of business. For this, ExportFeed offers almost automatic method for the promotion of your business. Here’s how to start with ExportFeed:

  • Install the ExportFeed in your system. You will have the option to use the free trial or the premium plan too if you want to start your promotion extensively right away.
  • Setting up ExportFeed in your system will connect it to the products that you are selling and you will be able to create your product feed within a few clicks.
  • Creating your data feed is as simple as selecting the merchant like AmmoSeek or Google Merchant and clicking on the Get Feed button.
  • You can also optimize the feeds to provide currency flexibility or add custom attributes or taxonomies. You will have access to the documentation regarding advanced commands or can get help from our friendly support team.
  • After creating feeds, you can upload to your merchant site. Later you can change the feed information and they will be automatically updated to your merchants.
  • You can also take help from us to create and upload your merchant sites.

Don’t Hesitate on Promotion! Send RapidCart data feed to AmmoSeek today!

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We needed to market our products on other platforms – without re-entering data everywhere. This plugin does it – by the feed, always perfect, always up to date.

Andrew Taylor

This plugin is already one of my favorites. Superb plugin, above and beyond support. Highly recommended

Jonathan Girarad

The plugin is fabulous, the support is excellent and the performance is enhanced beyond imagination… can’t get better than this… Would recommend anyone.

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