Effective Promotion, Increased Return! Send RapidCart Data Feed to GPAnalyse for CGC Comics

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A few interesting features of ExportFeed!

  • Easy Installation & feed creation for specific merchants ensuring feed acceptance.
  • Product variation offered in your store can be included in data feed effectively.
  • Use of advanced commands for custom product attributes & taxonomies & more.

Optimized Conversion, Increased Performance! Send RapidCart Data Feed to GPAnalyse for CGC Comics!

While running your ecommerce store on RapidCart you need to worry less about the performance. That was a good decision you made. Now make a better decision to improve conversion from your ecommerce site by enhancing the features of your site using ExportFeed. Send feed files to 40+ merchants and improve conversion to improve your ROI.



Product Variation Support
Get to include all the variations that you offer in the product feeds you create. You be able to provide adequate information through feeds you create using ExportFeed to make your listing in Merchants attractive. No more need to list all your variations manually.


Trusted by Thousands of Users
If you are skeptic about the functionality & benefits of using ExportFeed, we have offered a 5 Days commitment free trial. Use it to believe it and grab the benefit from it. We already have thousands of users who have boosted their productivity of ecommerce site using ExportFeed.


Improve your Promotion
Use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even offer flexible currency option to your customers. With ExportFeed, doing these will not just be time & cost effective but also your promotion will yield more return.

Confused about the benefits of Listing your RapidCart Products in GPAnalyse for CGC Comics?

How much of your precious time do you spend for the promotion of your ecommerce store and how many valuable visitors do you get from that? This is the first question that you need to ask to make your promotion effective. With ExportFeed you can create and list your products in GPAnalyse which will attract all the visitors that value your site and products related to comic books. Not just the fact that your store will have lot of visitors but those arriving from GPAnalyse will be the ones who will pay you the real value of your comic books.

Now, about the time that you spend on sending feeds to GPAnalyse using ExportFeed – you will literally be able to count the minutes that you spend. Centralized feed management offered by ExportFeed will make the promotion of your products effective and lucrative as and when you change them. So why not start now?



I am so impressed by the offers this plugin provides. It really adds value to whatever we are doing. Was able to boost sale up to a staggering 45% within six months.

Ellianor Bell

One thing I absolutely love about this plugin is the service it provides for product variation aspect.

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