ExportFeed is the best plugin to send RapidCart product feed to Bonanza.

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The elite features of ExportFeed

  • Easy setup and process of feeds with scalable cloud service
  • Sync to over 40 merchants from 1 plugin & get automatic upload.
  • This service uses our server – not yours!
  • Fast, Responsive & friendly support.

Except more with your RapidCart product feed to Bonanza. Sync to 40 other merchants!

With ExportFeed you can list your product feed to as many merchants in accordance to your convenience. One change in product feed will automatically reflect on multiple merchants. The advanced command in this plugin will help you to avoid the work load. So enlarge your market from RapidCart product feed.



Category Mapping Interface
Get the ability to select & map the categories of Bonanza according to your product. We ensures acceptance of your data by the merchant. Better target your customers with the facility to categorize your products.


Current & Accurate
Your shopping cart will always be up to date with the help of automatic feed creation. Your customers of Bonanza market place will never get the outdated information about the stock and other details with ExportFeed..


Advanced command
Provides additional control and customization of your data feeds while you list on Bonanza. You can change the currency, modify all item prices, and add UTM codes, Extract Shipping Dimensions and more.

Automatic feed update of your RapidCart product feed to Bonanza.

Data feeds are automatically updated from your shopping cart .The data feed is saved onto your host server where a channel may automatically download the file, which is accessed via URL. One change reflects on multiple feeds, multiple merchants. Your RapidCart product feed to Bonanza is publically accessible and can also be downloaded by merchants or by the user. Save time and labor.

We will upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed.



We have a large WooCommerce site with over 18,000 products (going to 40,000) and we needed to export our products in order to submit a feed…plugin works and does what we need it to do and more!


It’s perfect for our antiques and collectibles website, which has over 3,000 products! The plugin is simple to install, error-free (i.e., no PHP errors), properly exports all feed variations with full support for all feeds (including Google’s strict Merchant requirements), supports all product attributes for all feeds, provides excellent documentation, and automatically updates feeds on your schedule. It is an excellent value, considering the developers offer free, live, online tech support at very late hours. When they are not online, they usually respond within two hours! The product is easily customizable with advanced commands, so that each feed can have additional, fewer, and/or unique attributes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this plugin to anyone with WooCommerce!

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