WooCommerce Product Feed Plugins

  1. WooCommerce to Etsy: Download
  2. WooCommerce to Google Shopping: Download
  3. WooCommerce to eBay: Download
  4. WooCommerce to Amazon: Download
  5. WooCommerce to 40+ Merchants: Download

Add-ons for WooCommerce

Additional Product Fields Plugin

This add-on will create additional identifier fields for WooCommerce simple and variable products.
Currently, the add-on will create separate and map-able Brand, MPN, UPC and EAN fields. Check documentation

  1. Additional product fields plugin: Download
Include or Exclude SKUs

This add-on will allow you to list SKUs that you either want included or excluded from the feed. WordPress (WooCommerce/WP e-commerce) only. Check documentation

  1. Include or Exclude SKUs plugin: Download
WooCommerce to Facebook Event Pixels

We have developed a plugin/add-on that implements the required ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase Facebook pixels. The plugin is compatible with v2.4 pixels.Check documentation

  1. WooCommerce to Facebook Event Pixels plugin:Download

Magento Product Feed Extension

  1. Magento to 40+ Merchants(Version 1.9.2): Download

Joomla/Virtuemart/Hikashop Product Feed Component

  1. Virtuemart to 40+ Merchants: Download

Opencart Product Feed Module

    1. Version 1.5: Download

BigCommerce Product FeedApp

  1. BigCommerce to 40+ Merchants: Install from App Store