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manage feeds
Figure 1: All your generated feeds are accessible and easily managed through this page.

View Feed
To view a feed click “view” on the feed you want to see. You will be redirected to the data feed.

Edit Feed
Editing a feed will bring you to a page similar to the Create Feed page

  • Click “Edit”
  • You will be brought to the edit feed page
  • Here you can re-map attributes & modify categories.
  • If you are using advanced commands, generally it’s a good idea to click “Advanced commands unique to this feed” so they aren’t overwritten.
  • If you are modifying advanced commands, please click the “Update” button found directly below the text area.
  • That’s it! On the next auto refresh cycle, the feed will be updated. To manually update, click “Get Feed” for immediate changes.
    *Note that sometimes browsers will keep your old feed in cache. Simply refresh the page for new changes to show up.

Delete Feed
To delete a feed, click “delete” on the row containing the feed you want removed. It is important to note the feeds are deleted permanently and this action cannot be undone.

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