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Does Google Trusted Store Help?

Updated January 20, 2015: Google has made some improvements to the program and simplified integration. Click here to find out more

It all started with one customer:)

So, you may have heard a little bit about the new Google Trusted Store  – – Program.  Somewhat new – it is Google’s latest approach to leverage their wildly successful Google Merchant Program further by integrating YOUR products into their shopping and search results – giving their customers confidence about your shipping, returns and product quality!

Well, we had a few customers come to us for help with this requirement and we are proud to announce we are the exclusive providers of deep integration with WooCommerce and your existing feed technology from us – 🙂

Providing Deep and Full Integration – we handle all of it for you.

We have made their ugly, complicated process straightforward for you:

  • Assign us access to your Google Merchant Account & access to WooCommerce
  • WE pull your API and other credentials
  • WE install our plugin onto your WordPress system with the required data
  • WE Test and Validate (including a sample Purchase)
  • WE Submit for approval to Google for the Google Trusted Store Seal on your site!

Google Trusted StoresDone manually, the system is quite cumbersome and Google has a fair amount of requirements (including hooks into different parts of the ordering process, some feed tweaks, etc.). Done manually – its over 40 hours of your and developers time – plus then you have to maintain it between WooCommerce and WordPress upgrades.

So, your best bet of course is to let us do it for you! 🙂

View and Order the options here! order-now-button

Per store, our calculations indicate a $1000-2500 savings vs. doing manually –  PER YEAR – saying nothing about the time and aggravation headaches.

More importantly, you get to display the coveted Google Trusted Store Security badge on your site (meaning you are very very special and for outrank your COMPETITORS!) in the quickest amount of time.

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