Why can’t I upload products to my Etsy account using the Etsy plugin?


If you are connecting WooCommerce store to Etsy account using our Etsy plugin, but getting error messages, it is possible that these two might be the cases:

  1. Your Etsy connection details may be incorrect
    This can happen if you are new to the Etsy platform. Please check your Etsy connection details and try to connect ExportFeed with your Etsy account again.
  2. You have just created your Etsy shop so your profile isn’t completed
    This is mostly the case. ExportFeed plugin fetches your details from your Etsy account. Most of the time, shipping is not set on the new Etsy accounts. So, you need to set your shipping settings on your Etsy shop.

Note: Etsy API uses flat shipping profile. So, if you have created a calculated shipping profile, please create a flat shipping profile. Then, go to Shipping Configuration and fetch the shipping template again to use the flat shipping profile as default. Check some more Etsy feed upload error details here.