What is GTIN?


GTIN or Global Trade Item Number is the way of uniquely identifying a product. The GTIN standard is maintained and regulated GS1.

Why do you need GTIN?

You need GTIN to upload your products to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and others.

GTIN codes also play significant roles during shipping and is a must for FBA subscribers.

Common type of GTIN code

UPC – A  a 12 digit code – This is often known as the price code. The numbers in this code start from 0, 1, 6, 7 or 8. These numbers at the start identify the type of product. Following 5 digits identify the manufacturer. And the remaining numbers are product identification numbers assigned by the manufacturer. This is the widely used GTIN code for listing products on Amazon except for Books. Books use ISBN codes.

Where to get GTIN? 

As GTIN uniquely identifies different variations of products, you need GTIN for every product variations that you want to sell on Amazon. If you can’t get it from the manufacturer of the product, you will need to purchase it. Make sure that you don’t buy used GTIN or UPC codes as they may represent some other products.

You can buy the UPC codes from this link if you’re concerned about reliability and affordability.