Create Google Merchant Account

  • We now offer a full Google Merchant Account Setup service. We will create your Google Merchant account, setup and configure according to your needs and have it ready to accept your feeds. Feed creation and setup is another addon option (available separately!). This is a one time fee – we will require your Google login information, etc. – you will receive a separate email from support for this when you order!
    Select Google Merchant Account Setup after clicking ‘Order Now’

Alternatively, Google has their own Google Merchant Guide to setting up your account.

Otherwise, please follow directions below to create your Google Merchant account.


1.  Create a Google account (skip if you already have one).
You will need to create an account ( with Google before you can use Google Merchant center and begin submitting feeds.

2. Sign in to Google Merchant Center with your Google account.
Go to and sign in. You are now ready to set up a Google Merchant account.

Setup Google Merchant account

Once signed in to Google Merchant Center, complete the following

1. Select a location and configure your account. Complete the form with your own location, store name, website (optional), name, and email.

Configure account

2. Agree to the Terms of Service



3. Finalize
If you want to add a Website URL, your URL must begin with http:// (or https://) and include your full domain name.
Please verify and claim your website URL in your Google Merchant Center account settings. Any links that you include in your feed must match the domain you’ve registered.

Data Feeds & Products

1. Upload your Data Feed
Using the data feed produced by Product Cart Feed plugin, create a New Data Feed
A successful upload should look similar to the below diagram.

data feed

2. Checking your Products
You can now view your searchable products. A green check mark indicates your product is searchable. You may see other indicators such as “not yet searchable” or “Disapproved or invalid”.

merch products

3. Your Google Merchant Center is now complete with searchable products.

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