Advanced Commands with Amazon Templates

1. First note that NOT ALL fields are necessary when uploading a template. You will notice our template does not have the 200 or more fields present in Amazon’s.. this is OK as long as you provide at least the required fields. You may add your desired fields using the advanced commands box (provided examples […]

Resolving Common Google Errors

Upon submission, Google may provide you with errors for a failed feed upload. Here are some common Google errors and how you should approach about resolving common google errors. “Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three attributes [GTIN, brand, mpn]“ Two of three unique product identfiers are required for uploading into Google Merchant. Here’s how […]

Step by Step Guide – Google Trusted Stores

Updated January 20, 2015: Google has made some improvements to the program and simplified integration. Click here to find out more Pre-requisites To become a Google Trusted Store, you will need to: Have a Google Trusted Stores account Meet Google’s Performance Standards (read carefully and note the transaction volume requirement) Step by Step Instructions Install […]

FREE SEO Juice – with a few clicks

Think about the last time you shopped for something… Did you do a search on the company name or on a specific product? Probably on a specific product, right? Well, when you’ve used a product exporter (something brilliant like the ShoppingCartProduct Feed), and an end user goes to the online merchant you’ve linked up to […]

Google Food for Thought…

There are people looking for your products, but they don’t know where to find them. Why? Because they do what they always do. They search for it on Amazon or Google Merchant or Shopzilla and they don’t find it. So how do you help these future moneymakers potential customers? By making their life easier and exporting your […]