Why is product export freezing at xx%?


Product export freezing at a certain percent?

An updated version of the plugin addresses many freezing and speed issues. So if you are not using the latest version, we strongly recommend you to upgrade first.

The issue: I am getting the exports timing out at: 25, 60, 80%, etc
Reasoning: The plugin searches for any and all product data associated with your products: tags, custom fields, attributes, descriptions, etc… The following advanced command tells the plugin to only search/pull 1000 custom fields rather than 50000 fields (default). Note this value controls the number of exported custom fields and NOT number of products.

Solution 1: Type in the advanced command box: $max_custom_field = 500
Update and then Get Feed. Lower the number should the plugin freeze again.Note that missing custom fields in the feed may be attributed to this command, in which case the $max_custom_field value should be increased.

Solution 2: Increase the allowed PHP memory limit on the server (other solutions: increase RAM or CPU)

Solution 3: In v3.1.1.10 or later, the plugin now searches for even more Post Meta Data. To limit the postmeta lookups, enter the advanced command: set attribute_granularity to 0 (the default value is 5, meaning the plugin will search through all postmeta data)