A Word About Google Trusted Stores

A Word About Google Trusted Stores

By Leon (initial post June 25, 2014)

Google Trusted Stores is relatively new and not a familiar thing on eccomerce sites just yet. So why use it? What makes it something that every eccomerce site should consider seriously about using? How does it work? I hope to make some sense of it right now.
Google Trusted Stores is a free certification program that was introduced by Google to help make online shopping a better experience. Having that badge on your site is a guarantee you’ll receive reliable shipping and excellent customer service. It also says that Google stands behind these stores by offering $1,000 of free purchase protection! How is that for a guarantee of a pleasurable shopping experience.
This is how it works, when the customer orders from a site that is a Google Trusted Store, you are given an option to opt into the program at the time of the purchase. To opt in is free. Once the customer opt in, they may receive a short survey to report on your experience. The opt in gives the customer the chance to help review the store and also gives them a sense of security while purchasing on the site. Google Trusted Stores is designed to empower the customer and make sure they have a positive shopping experience. This can only improve the usability and sale on the site.

The best way I can describe Google Trusted Stores is it works like when you are shopping on Ebay. The seller has a history that you can look at. If you have a problem with your order and you can’t reach the merchant you can request the help of Google. Google will work with you until the problem is resolved. Reviews are there to see what type of seller you are dealing with and if the seller isn’t doing their job they won’t be endorsed by Google Trusted Stores for long.

Google Trusted Stores can only get better. With more public awareness the customer will value the Google Trusted Stores badge and want to shop at these places more. It’s only real competitor is Amazon Prime, which is a paid service. Besides that, Google Trusted Stores can be found anywhere on the internet while Amazon Prime is only found on Amazon.com

Even though Google Trusted Stores hasn’t been around for that long. It has its share of success stories from its users. Customers have a better experience and sites that are Google Trusted Stores see an increase in sales. All eccommerce sites should consider signing up for Google Trusted Stores because of these reasons and if they are doing a good job they will be rewarded with good reviews. There are not many things on the internet more reliable than Google. The fact that it is free for the customer makes it more attractive than its competitors. That should only make being a Google Trusted Store that more attractive